Apostle Ernest Adeti: The Incredible Power Of The Altar ( 1kings 18: 26: 39)

The word incredible means something so extraordinary that it seems impossible. It’s something unbelievable or hard to believe. Incredible is something extremely good or great, it is something exceptional like raising the dead. Therefore incredible is: Unthinkable, Inconceivable. (John 11: 34- 44). The above scripture is a demonstration of the incredible power of the altar of God. Lazarus was dead for four days and his body smelt. However Jesus who is the altar was able to raise him from the dead. The power of God did the impossible and delivered the unfathomable. In order to receive the incredible our fathers consulted demonic altars to acquire the impossible. In return they were given items from the shrines to take home and raise smaller altars to represent the main ones. Before you were born an altar has already been raised in your family. An altar is the place where God or Satan spirit meet with a person to bless or curse him.

To be continued…

Apostle Ernest Adeti

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