Baba Fear God promises to maintain standard

Alhaji Oluwatoyin Irewumi (AlhajiBabaFearGod) is a Nigerian based in the Republic of Ghana. He is a well-known trado Medicine practitioner in Ghana with a class. His Bill Boards across the capital City and his regular TV programme couple with other medium of publicity has made him a very unique person and a force to reckon with in the Industry.

At the moment his new office at the Big Apple area along Winneba road has turned to Mecca as people of substance and medium class pay him visit for consultation on daily basis. His fame in Ghana especially in Accra, Kumasi and Central Regions has drawn a lot of patronage to him. In all his advertisements, he always identifies with Nigeria as he says: Malam Baba Fear God, The Nigerian man, the slogan distinguishes him from other trado medicine practitioner in the country, especially now that so many malam have flooded the system.

Fondly called Malam Baba Fear God. He is the first trado medicine practitioner from Nigeria that will make great wave in Ghana. In an exclusive chat with Pleasures magazine, he said he likes identifying with Nigeria to proof that most Nigerians are very good and are willing to contribute their quota to the development of wherever they find themselves.

He is also a philanthropist who has supported many people in his little way and has employed quite an ample number of staff. His services range from providing solution to both spiritual and other ailments with the use of herbs (Roots and Leaves). He takes care of chronic diseases and longtime sicknesses, drinking habit, poor sales and lack of good spouses, he said many have tried to get their choice of spouse but has been difficult. “With the help of God and the use of herbs many can testify to the great things we have been able to do. He said many men are dying in silence because of inability to perform. ‘a lady came to our office recently because the husband is week. She spent a few days in Ghana and on her return she called that the situation with the husband has changed. To the praise of Allah, the man is now ok. We have several people who have come to appreciate us in all areas. Though we don’t like revealing the information about our clients, I only mentioned this to make people know we have a very high standard.

On other services of his centre, he the also make a man love the woman or the man loves the woman alone. “That we call, love me alone. In essence we have a standard that we have decided not to lower or compromise. He also said he could travel to the country of the client on special invitation. “I have been to Dubai, Kenya, Cameroon on invitation. Our clients in Nigeria and Ghana are phenomenal. We thank Almighty Allah for His mercies because no one has come back to complain we have not done well. Majority come with gift to appropriate us’.

He also assured he will maintain the duality that took him to stardom. ‘I know many people reduce the quality they arks know for because of many patronage, but for us at Mallam Baba Fear God and Herbal Centre, we will rather improve on our standard to satisfy our clients better. I use this medium to invite you all reading and hearing us to visit us today. A trial will convince you.
To locate Baba Fear God is so easy, from anywhere just get to Kasoa Bus stop, board Liberia Camp vehicle, alight at Big Apple Bus stop, cross and board a motor bike or motor bike, tell the driver you are going to Baba Fear God Centre.

He noted that most of his clients locally and those from Europe, America and Asia have always commended him after consulting him. “What we do at the centre is to ensure that whatever we give people work for the purpose, we cannot afford to fake people because we have got the name and we want to maintain the good name by the grace of Allah, he also mentioned that his product, Okiki Herbal Capsule is also doing well across Africa, we have the product in Ghana, Ivory Coast, Togo, Benin and we are taking it to Cameroun soonest. Baba Fear God can be reached via his website: or via phone: +233 547111403, or +233 204776022.

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