Bahrain based Investment Powerhouse Al Amari Group and Dotmount Communications sign Historic $90 Billion Investment Partnership for Middle East Investors Expo, Abuja

In a groundbreaking move, the Al Amari Group and Dotmount Communications have announced a monumental $90 billion investment partnership for the Middle East Investors Expo Abuja. This unprecedented deal is set to revolutionize the investment landscape in Africa, fostering economic growth and development across the continent.

The Al Amari Group, a leading Middle Eastern conglomerate, has committed to investing $90 billion in Africa through the Middle East Investors Expo Abuja, a premier investment event organized by Dotmount Communications. This strategic partnership aims to bridge the investment gap between the Middle East and Africa, creating new opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs.

The investment windfall will focus on key sectors such as infrastructure, technology, energy, and agriculture, metals and mining, utilities and renewables, healthcare, real estate and construction. Others are financial services, telecom, media and technology. The partnership is expected to attract a significant influx of foreign investment, stimulating economic growth and development in Africa.

We are thrilled to partner with Dotmount Communications to unlock the vast potential of Africa,” said Dr. Fareed O. Al Rahman, Executive Director, Finance and Investment of Al Amari Group. “This investment demonstrates our commitment to supporting sustainable economic growth and development in Africa, and we look forward to working together to create a brighter future for all.”

“This historic partnership marks a new era of cooperation between the Middle East and Africa,” said Adedotun Olaoluwa, President of Dotmount Communications. “We are thrilled to work with the Al Amari Group, and we believe this investment will have a transformative impact on the continent.”

Olaoluwa further said, “This $90 billion investment partnership is a testament to the growing confidence in Africa’s economic potential and the Middle East’s commitment to supporting its growth. As the continent continues to emerge as a hub for global investment, this deal is poised to leave a lasting impact on the economic landscape of Africa”.

The Middle East Investors Expo, scheduled to take place on July 4-5, 2024, at the Transcorp Hilton Hotel, Abuja Nigeria, will bring together investors, policymakers, and business leaders from the Middle East, Europe and Africa to explore investment opportunities and forge partnerships. The event promises to be a catalyst for economic growth, and this partnership sets the stage for a landmark gathering.

The expo will feature keynote speeches, panel discussions, and networking sessions, providing a platform for stakeholders to share insights, identify investment potential, and forge lasting relationships. The event will focus on various sectors, including energy, infrastructure, agriculture, and technology, highlighting the vast investment opportunities in Africa.

Under the theme “Driving Economic growth through trade and investment,” the conference aims to showcase the untapped potential of the region and provide valuable insights and networking opportunities for participants. The conference brings together government officials, business leaders, distinguished speakers, industry leaders, and investment experts from both regions to address challenges, and promote sustainable investments. The event will also showcase investment projects, success stories, and innovative solutions, demonstrating the potential for mutual growth and cooperation.

Organizers of the event, Dotmount Communications expect over 700 participants, including high-profile investors, business executives, and government representatives, to attend the expo. The event has already garnered significant interest, with numerous partners confirming their support.

The Middle East Investors Expo is poised to become a landmark event in the investment calendar, facilitating meaningful connections and driving economic progress in Africa. As the continent continues to attract global attention, this expo will play a vital role in shaping the investment landscape and fostering a spirit of cooperation between the Middle East and Africa.

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