Benefits Of An Altar By Prophet Ernest Adeti

” What shall we then say to these things? If God be for us, who can be against us?” ( Romans 8: 31). There is much more to an altar than to receive, what I mean is that there are more aspects to it. What is the benefit of your altar? ( Hebrew 13: 8- 10). Whenever you see an altar there is a presence. On the demonic altars the presence is death, failure and curses. Please note that going to the altar brings the presence of the deity of the of that altar. The altar of God has the presence of Holy Ghost the presence on the altar of God is life. When you are walking with the presence of God you become the carrier of the presence. The divine presence made the gates open for Peter to pass through. The presence is man’s important aspects to God’s provision. The divine presence is the carrier of the altar. There was a divine presence around Jesus; His presence made demons scream and screech. When you carry God’s presence you eat the fruit of His altar. When the demons see you they run away the presence of God is a repellent to evil and negative forces. Jesus could do nothing without the presence of God. (Acts 10: 38).

Prophet Ernest Adeti – Founder, El-Kana Ministeries

El-Kana Ministries International was birthed in the heart of Prophet Ernest Adeti as he was called by God to reach this world with the message of Jesus as the Lord through his deliverance ministry and prayer through power of the Holy Ghost.

Carry the saving and healing and deliverance message of Jesus Christ to every nation and islands of the earth.
Proclaim the whole Gospel of Jesus Christ to every person on earth in our generation through his deliverance Ministry.
To build up, train, and strengthen believers in every nation.
Present the witness that Jesus is the Messiah to the world.
Build God a mighty, active army of trained believers in every nation for the purpose of overtaking darkness and spreading the Light of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
To establish a prayer covering over the entire earth with strategically located prayer centers and prayer for the nations.
To establish a prayer centers in homes of beery action of the Ministry of Ernest Adeti we want to bring honour and glory to God.

TUESDAY: Counseling & Deliverance: (6am – 12 noon)
THURSDAY: Prayer & Deliverance Hour: 8am – 12noon
FRIDAY: Holy Ghost Encounter (5pm – 7 pm)
SUNDAY: Church Service 7:30am – 11:30am

El-Kana Ministries International is located at -Tema. Community 3, Site “A”, Jogis Estates, near late Shamo Quaye’s residence.
You may contact us on +233508114786 or +233201001010

Pastor Mrs Bella Adeti

Rev Eli Fumey

Deacon Richie Essel
Joshua Adeti
Deacon Ola Babatunde – Publisher, Pleasures Magazine
Prophet Adeti’s beautiful family

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