Brekete Family Saves Life Of Man Who Lived For Eight Months With Intestine Outside His Stomach

It’ll obviously be an understatement to describe him as the proverbial cat with nine lives. Indeed, going by the horrendous ordeal he passed through, 29-year-old Sunday Okoro, definitely qualifies to be described as a cat with twenty-two lives, if not more than that.

Disc Jockey by profession, Okoro who hails from Kwale, Ndokwa East Local Government Area of Delta state, was in December 2016, stabbed on the stomach with a dangerous weapon by a member of a notorious gang who wore army camouflage on the day of the incident.

After successful surgery: Dr Isah Ahmad, Sunday Okoro and Mr. Suleiman Abdulrazaq AKA Akaramakala

The incident took place at Asokoro Extension, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.
As blood started oozing out from the point where Okoro was fatally stabbed, neighbours and relations rushed him to the National Hospital, Abuja, for urgent medical attention to save his life.
Pleasures magazine learnt that Okoro underwent three major operations at that hospital, during which the doctors decided to bring out his intestine to heal on the basis that the stabbing had badly affected it.
He lay on the hospital bed for four months waiting for the intestine to heal, and consequently be put back by the doctors to its natural abode.

Sunday Okoro with a leading member of the Brekete Family, Mr. Suleiman Abdulrazaq AKA Akaramakala

That was the beginning of the second phase of his ordeal. According to Okoro, the doctors said that they won’t put back the intestine until he had paid a hospital bill amounting to about N614.000.

Okoro is grateful to his benefactor, Ordinary President

Consequently, Okoro lived for eight months with his intestine stored in a leather bag outside his body.
His situation remained precarious until last November when the President/Founder of Brekete Family/Human Rights Radio, Ordinary Dr. Ahmad Isah, came to his rescue.

The Ordinary President- acting in consonance with his usual humanitarian disposition – got the National Hospital Abuja to perform the necessary surgical operation to put back the intestine into its natural abode. That was after paying some money to defray the initial hospital bill.

Sunday Okoro

On Thursday, December 14, 2017, a healthy-looking Okoro appeared at the Brekete Family morning programme, to thank the management of Brekete Family/Human Rights Radio, for saving his life.
“I am grateful to all for the support given to me by my father and benefactor Dr Isah Ahmad and the entire Brekete family for their support which enabled me to go through the last phase of the surgery. I am okay now and I feel happy and healthy. I called the ‘”Ordinary President” to seek assistance and without him asking of my religion and tribe, he came to my rescue when all hope was lost. He took my case on and treated me as his own son and brother.” He spoke on the radio programme.

In response, the Ordinary President thanked and assured the hospital management that all the outstanding hospital bill will be paid before the year runs out.

Brekete Family Programme is a reality radio and TV magazine talk show that airs on Human Rights 101.1 Abuja, and is streamed live on the social media. It features real life issues and events concerning human rights. It has gained wide acceptance and mass appeal especially among ordinary Nigerians because it has a community help network which reaches out to the less privileged, and intervenes in everyday human rights abuses of downtrodden citizens.
The community network and magazine programmes have in their centre of operations a man that has garnered so much goodwill over the years among the poor masses, that he is known by Brekete Family members as the “Voice of the Voiceless”: Ordinary Ahmed Isa or Ordinary President. The “Ordinary” in his name is a vocal contraption of the class he represents.

L-R: Ordinary President (Dr Isah Ahmmad), Sunday Okoro with the Publisher of Pleasures Magazine, Ola Babatunde

He is also the founder and president of the Family; and in most cases, the anchor of the broadcast programmes.

The show airs from Monday to Saturday, between 7:30 am and 9:00am. The station, known as Human Rights Radio 101.1, is situated around the Games Village Abuja. Human Rights Radio is the first 100% Human Rights Radio Station in the whole world, with the sole aim of fighting on behalf of those that cannot fight for themselves, which include but not limited to the oppressed, abused, discriminated against, marginalized etc because of his or her gender, status, colour, or nationality

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