Champion Ways Ministries set to host ‘International Oil To Prosper Conference 2017′

It’s no longer news that for the past seven years Bishop Samuel Ben Owusu, the General Overseer of Champion Ways Ministries ( The potters ville church) has been raising, repairing and restoring destinies through his annual Mega program ‘International Oil to prosper conference‘ (IOTPC)

The International Oil to prosper conference was given birth to after Bishop Samuel Ben Owusu encountered the prosperity of God after a man of God prayed for him with an anointed oil. Just hours after this transformational encounter, his life changed tremendously from grass to grace, insults to results, and breakdowns to breakthroughs. It was at this point in his life that God spoke to Bishop Samuel Ben Owusu to raise a prosperous generation through preaching of the gospel of grace and anointing men to prosper.

During these years of successful supernatural conferences, the nation of Ghana stands still with visitors from all over the world who grace the church to partake of the prosperity anointing upon Bishop Samuel Ben Owusu.
International oil to prosper conference has recorded dignitaries, politicians, Lawyers, Bankers, Gospel fathers, businessmen, students, sons, daughters and partners who are always excited to attend each year.

The International Oil To Prosper Conference is a gathering of all believers from all walks of life who gather as a family to have an encounter with the Lord through His servant Bishop Sam Owusu for restoration of destinies, prophetic impartation and to have an encounter with the power of God for breakthroughs.

The International Oil To Prosper Conference (IOTP) is a real Holy Ghost encounter where ‘nobodies’ become ‘somebodies’, the poor becomes rich, and the rejected becomes accepted by the grace of God.

This years edition has been broadcast all over the world which a lot of people are expected to attend and experience a supernatural turn around in their lives, businesses, marriages, finances and ministries.

This program also coincides with Bishop Sam Owusu’s birthday which he will use to bless many souls greatly to turn many destinies around. Every year there has been record breaking testimonies among the attendees since the inception of this programme.

This year’s conference is of no exception. So much expectations of greater transformation and restoration of lives. There shall be awesome services with the flow of God’s power through his word for the healing, deliverance, prophetic move for the salvation of souls.

Ministrations by Bishop Samuel Ben Owusu with other great Men of God will such as Bishop Isaac Quaye of the Word of Life Church, Bishop Tackie-Yarboi of the Victory Bible Church International, Apostles Isaac Appiah of the Body of Christ Church, Dr Tim Gbasha of Nigeria, and Dr. Sammy David from Liberia are among many speakers.
Jesus became relevant in His ministry by the encounter with the anointing of the Lord therefore we believe you shall surely be bless beyond all reasonable doubt.

There shall be special Pastors and Leaders summit, ordination and impartation of ministers during this year’s conference with special anointing service for all participants

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  • Ps G Mohanarao

    Praise the Lord!

    Dear Beloved in Christ,

    We Bring you Greetings to you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    This is Pastor. G. Mohanarao from India. For the past ten years my calling has being to Gospel work for the Rural Villages and to Hindu people in India where there are no Churches and no other mission works. At the moment we have a planted a Church Located in Yeminenivaripalem Village in a rural community among the HIndu(Idol Worshippers) people.

    We would like to invite those who like minded Christian Organization to work with or associate with. We need missionaries or Christians with the heart for Church Planting, Crusades, Orphanages, Old Aged Homes, Discipleship or Mentoring, Preaching, Medical Care and other developmental Projects for the Needy People.

    We need your Leadership, Guidance, Fellowship and Prayers for our ministry to establish His kingdom.

    We would like to be a ministry partner with your blessed ministry.

    Can you please give us the possibilities and procedure for that.

    We would love to hear from you.

    Many Blessings!

    Knowing God and Making HIM Known
    Pastor G Mohanarao & Bro G Ravi

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