Changing Nollywood’s Landscape: Yetunde Gold is Paving the Way for Female Filmmakers

Olasimbo Yeside Aminat popularly known as Yetunde Gold is one of the leading female film Directors/Producers in Nigeria.

For the past seven years, her dedication to develop the Nigeria’s film industry, and her advocacy for Women in Cinema, helped her reputation of trustworthy professional grow. Yetunde wrote and directed several films, and has also worked with a long list of multinational brands including, Guinness, Sterling Oil, GetfitNG, New Reformation Unity Forum, Zero Integrated and many others. Actively supporting and mentoring local talents, she is today a reference in Africa when it comes to Cinema Promotion and Women Empowerment.

In her word, I am an upshot of a systematic, progressive evolution which is inspired directly by the refining process of Gold. Every step of the way, my advancement can be referenced to pain I experienced, hence I glow effortlessly. This is the UNFILTERED CHRONICLE of YETUNDE GOLD.

I am Olasimbo Yeside Aminat popularly known as Yetunde Gold born on the plains of Sabo Yaba into the family of Adewale Olasimbo on the 6th of May, 1994. As the only daughter of my father and the Last child of my mother, I was raised in a polygamous family filled with boys. It dawned on me early that life gives no free handouts as the culture of hard work was instilled in my upbringing, helping me to grow an independent mindset from my early days. My Father, who passed away in 2019, comes from Ogun State and my Mother is from Lagos State, therefore intrinsically from my conception and birth, I am Proudly Lagosian, born, bred, and established in the center of excellence, Sabo Yaba precisely which I am proud to be associated with till this day.

I attended Command Children School Yaba, a military school which contributed to the crystalization of my foundation before I moved to Early Years Exclusive Private School Sabo Yaba. I then proceeded to attend Methodist Girls High School for my Junior Secondary School before I relocated to Abuja where I completed my Secondary School and O’Levels in Best Brain International College. I hold a B.Sc Degree in Political Science from the prestigious Lagos State University which is a major part of my history as I rapidly advance.

At an early age, my sole vision and desire was to become “Miss World” which motivated me to start a modeling career. My first competition was in Secondary School where I contested 3 times before winning the crown of „Miss BBIC‟; this was the incubation season for my advancement in this pathway. With my eyes fixed on my dream, I jumped at every opportunity to be seen, which led me to participate in a sequence of titles.

I contested for Queen of Aso Nigeria in 2014 and won the title “Miss Photogenic”, proceeding to contest for Miss Nigeria Metamorphosis challenge in 2015 and Won. In the same year, I contested and won the crown of the Most Beautiful Girl in Lagos State University (LASU) 2015 as I capitalized on this title strategically to advance my course at National Level. This earned me several Awards and recognition as the Best Model, Most influential beauty Queen and Best Export from Lagos State University, which pushed me into a career path in the entertainment and Social space as I embarked on many social projects as a beauty queen, I have always desired for this influence to have trans-cultural, trans-generational impact in the scheme of things.

Ever since I have advanced, building my career as a writer, producer, director, and actress and in 2016 I debuted and featured in my first film. In 2017 I produced my first film under my production company “Shedlight” titled “The Colleague” which aired on Africa Magic as I have advanced to produce more movies, TV commercials, and documentaries for multinational Brands.

In 2019 I changed my company name from Shedlight Productions to Pegacorn International Studios, a name that signifies Strength directly inspired by the upshot of events leading to where I am today, hence it reflects in our core values as I am very passionate about adequate and complete representation of clients ideas by the depth of stories told and the creativity of concept delivered through quality productions, a perfect blend of intensity and originality. I have since worked with a long list of multinational brands including, Guinness, Sterling Oil, GetfitNG, New Reformation Unity Forum, Zero Integrated and many others.
My growth is strategic, as much as I am a hardworking progressive, the blocks are building for my exposure and understanding of the Economic terrain and ecosystem of Nigeria as I have experienced in my field of work which inspired my flare and passion for social work and ultimately politics. Positioning myself to make a difference and expedite transformation in my sphere which will spread to my base constituency, the expense of Lagos from whence I come and finally, Nigeria my beloved country and Finally the World. My impact will be felt globally.

I worked behind the scene, in communities, unscripted and unpublicized, engaging in different social projects and engagements which finally birthed the emergence of my political career spurred by my social work engagements in grassroots communities. I have engaged directly in community mobilization exercises and needs assessment/intervention programs amongst less privileged communities and vulnerable people. As much I gain satisfaction from providing relief materials and business start-up grants for people of lower means, I realized early that it is more sustainable to be an active part of a decision making system that is channeled towards creating a better livelihood for the people. This and my passion spurred me into politics as I am a registered member of the All Progressive Congress (APC) and I am actively involved in the grassroots with the aim of growing and eventually becoming the executive Governor of Lagos State.

I am Yetunde Gold and I am on a journey to building a lasting and sustainable global legacy through impact.
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