Chief Imam denies allegations of maltreatment in Mecca

The National Chief Imam, Sheikh Dr. Osman Nuhu Sharubutu, has admonished Ghanaians to refrain from making him a subject of socio-political discussion, while he worships his Lord in the Holy Land of Mecca.

“I am here for worship not for comfort. Any allegation of maltreatment meted out to me is false”, adds the Grand Imam.

Speaking in an interview in response to an allegations of maltreatment in Mecca, he revealed he is rather satisfied with the courtesy accorded him by the Pilgrimage Affairs Office of Ghana (PAOG) and the Ghana Mission in Saudi Arabia.

National Chief Imam, Sheikh Dr. Osman Nuhu Sharubutu

“Whatever seeming difficulty I have encountered is part of the conventions of Hajj which is not luxury but worship”, emphasizes the National Chief Imam.

Substantiating, Shaikh Sharubutu states that in terms of feeding, accommodation and transportation, he has been well treated at all relevant places of Hajj: Mecca, Mina, Arafah, and Muzdalifa.

In Mecca, the Chief Imam lodges at Al – Safwa Towers, one of the best hotels on the compound of Mecca Haram Mosque that houses the Holy Kabah.

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