Chris Attoh Defends Wife, Damilola Adegbite From Trolls

At times I really get confused with the word ‘Fan’, do you call yourself a fan, and yet attacked that celebrity with much spite?

Criticism is good, but when it is unnecessary, then you are being perceived as fool or a hater.

Its social media, everyone is free to do whatever he/she feels comfortable with on their pages. If you do not like or appreciate what you see regularly, then you should simply unfollow.

Beautiful actress and mom, Damilola Adegbite shared on her social media account a back view of her lying down.

This got a fan upset and didn’t spare the actress as she lashed at her saying she should cover up. “What exactly are you posting this for? Likes or wows? Any tom, dick and Harry will now come and tell a married woman, ‘baby you are hot.’ Please cover up, you are not just a married woman, you are mother.”

Apparently the actress didn’t talk about it, but her husband, Chris Attoh took to her defense.

In his words: “Lol, it’s ok, her husband took the picture and I’m, proud of the beautiful wife and amazing mother I’ve been blessed with, let the picture inspire within and all things good instead. It’s all about perspective.”

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