Dare Yourself Into Success By Ferdinard Senyo Lawson

Have you ever wondered how some individual succeed in life and you struggle to succeed?

This life will never give you the success you need until you make a demand on yourself or dare yourself to see the success you desire or want.

Success is relative and can be personal, depending on the individual interest and definition of success. Whatever or however, you want to see or define your personal success, there are some fundamental rules or laws that governs how we dare ourselves into that success.

To some, sleeping could a success for them simply because, medically or clinically, they could not sleep due to some form of illness or sickness that has plagued their life preventing them from sleeping. Some may also see eating, dancing, reading, swimming, speaking in public or writing a book as success just to mention few. What do you see as your personal success in life?

Whatever you think, you can never get to the top of a house or something without climbing the ladder or stairs. I dare you to push yourself into that success you have always dreamt for yourself. I am challenging you right now to step out of that comfort zone to break limitations, jump over hurdles and things that may have kept you at bay from success.

Success is not microwaveable. You need to work at it tirelessly

Dare yourself to achieve your greatest ambitions, break new grounds and attain new level for your life. Your happiness in life is embedded in your dreams, goal, aspiration, and ambition. I dare you to go out for it. Until you step up and keep up, you will never become your own hero.

Dare yourself to Succeed by living and chasing your dream. According to my good friend, Emmanuel Abroba Ankumah, “Success is not actually achieved with only luck but being at the right place at the right time”.

You have to make up your mind to succeed and also have a positive attitude towards its achievements. Equip yourself with every necessary skill or competence needed for excellence.

To become successful in life, it is very paramount that, you develop and have a conscious awareness about these 7 P’s in order to push yourself to succeed regardless of the challenges and hurdles along the way.

I am sharing some 7 P’S that have power to influence you into success. You can never journey on the road of Success without having these P’s as your associate.

1. PURPOSE: You can’t be successful in fie without having and living by a purpose. What do you want to achieve in life? Your purpose gives meaning to your life. It tells the world the reason for which you exist. Remember that, you can never become success by living another person’s purpose for their life.

2. PERSONALITY: Your personality contributes greatly to your success life. Who you are determines what you do to achieve success. Discovering your personality helps you to know your strength, weakness and passion. These are very unique to you as individual. It is very good when you know the type of person you are, so as to accept and accommodate and dare yourself to do the things only you can do to experience success. Are you a talkative or shy person? Are you and extrovert or introvert? Do you become very anxious about life, moody, emotional? All these personality traits help to nurture you into success.

3. PLACE: environments are very crucial for the manifestation of our dream and achievement in life. Not every seed can survive every soil. Your life is a seed and for you to flourish and blossom, you need to be careful and aware of the places you go. You can never desire to be a nurse and go the meat shop to learn, neither can go to the shopping mall to learn to become a medical officer. You may have a great dream but finding yourself in the wrong place will kill that dream. What you want to become in life should determine the place you go and be at.

4. PEOPLE: People are the greatest assess we all need to become success; however, having the wrong one in your life is like getting a bone stacked in between your teeth. Getting to know the right people in your life and your way to success help you to share relevant information you need. The right people will encourage and motivate you. They do everything to increase your own value and worth. Whatever you do in life, remember that, people will always be people and therefore you must also be yourself in order to overcome discouragement. Some may pose as Discouragers, but you need to take hold of yourself and remain encourages at all times.

5. PLANNING: Planning is the process of taking relevant steps and actions to achieve some specific goals, dream, purpose, tasks or agenda. Planning helps an individual to perform effectively, reduce waste of time, and enables the individual to succeed regardless of undue pressure that may be at hand. You can never travel on the journey of success without having the journey map to follow to that destination. This is why planning is very important. It is the very road map you need to get to the destination of success.

This is the more reason planning is needed in every organization desiring to succeed in business, ministry, family, relationship, education, and many others. For example; a company that has planning as its core agenda, is able to manage the resources at hand effectively and deplore its personnel appropriately to maximize the production level of that business or company. This goes a long way to reduce idleness, waste of time and low morale or motivation among staff and managers.


One of the best antidotes to killer Bugs is to be passionate about the things you do that bring you joy and happiness in life. Being passionate is actually loving something so greatly and devoting your time and life for it to work for you. Learning to celebrate every moment in your life will make you overcome or get immune against the killer bugs that have the ability to discourage you from stepping into greatness. You have to know that, not everyone will be happy to see you excel in life, so they will do everything in their power to discourage you; but when you have a great passion for what you do, you will never mind their negative vibes.

Avoid being stagnant in life. You have to recognize that, you are unique with a unique gift that, the world is waiting to celebrate. Don’t bury your talents because of people’s opinions about you. Develop yourself, add value to yourself and deploy your talents wherever possible. Step out and pursue what you are passionate about.

7 PREPARATION: You can never get anything done without preparing yourself for it. Preparation is the soul of a great achiever. Everything you see around you was prepared by the inventor. This area is self explanatory. I dare you to prepare you mind, soul and body to see that dream comes through for you. I dare you to prepare and everything will be achievable. Prepare …Prepare and prepare.

Success only comes to those who prepare for it.

There is NO magic to success like preparation. Dare yourself into success.

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