“Destined to be” – Myriam and Pierre’s Beautifully Stylish Gallery Wedding in Florida

“Destined to be…” Having first met in “Ms. Grossman’s 2nd grade class” it was clear from the beginning that Myriam & Pierre were destined to be. Gravitating towards each other throughout elementary, middle school, and high school. After briefly losing touch in college they reunited once again when returning back home – breathing new life into an ember that never truly extinguished.

Read all about Myriam and Pierre’s love story and romantic surprise proposal in this beautifully stylish and luxurious wedding at the Gallery of Amazing Things in Ft Lauderdale, Florida. Expertly photographed by MunaLuchi Coterie member Artistic Vision & Design.

Bride & Groom: Myriam & Pierre
Occupations: Pierre: Rec. Therapist, Myriam: Lawyer
What was your wedding date? 8/6/2016
What are your wedding locations? (Include Getting Ready, Ceremony, and Reception Venues)Hotel: The W Ft Lauderdale Ceremony and Reception: Gallery of Amazing Things

Tell us how you met and all about the proposal! We’ve known each other since 2nd grade. We attended the same elementary, middle school and high school. When Pierre walked into Ms. Grossman’s 2nd grade class he noticed 2 people: Otis (one of his best friends) and Myriam. Pierre was excited that Otis was in his class yet again and sat right next to him. Pierre also noticed there was a girl smiling at him from across the classroom that caught his attention. Myriam and Pierre would later become good friends. They would often compete against one another in school. One heated competition was noteworthy in the game of “Around the World”. This was a math challenge where a student would stand behind the desk of another student attempting to go around the classroom answering math problems faster than the student that was sitting down at his/her desk. When Pierre reached Myriam’s desk it was an epic battle. The teacher was very impressed with both Pierre’s and Myriam’s fortitude and competitive nature. In the end, Pierre won the battle and he was “unofficially” crowned the Around the World champion (years later when Myriam and Pierre were in a relationship, Myriam personalized an Around the World trophy for Pierre as a gift). Myriam and Pierre both attended college but were miles away from one another. Myriam attended the University of Miami while Pierre attended Florida State University. They would keep in contact with one another but the communication began to fade away as time went by. Their paths would later cross when they both came back home and started working next to one another. What started as going to lunch together ended with a passionate kiss at an evening date.

The Proposal – Pierre wanted to propose in front of both his and Myriam’s friends and family. He knew he needed a big enough place or environment to do so. Pierre rented out a privately owned movie theater and invited friends and family. Pierre had one issue: what was he going to tell Myriam in order to get her to go to this movie theater that she did not know about. Pierre knew a friend that went to school for photography and videography and told him to pretend he was working on a documentary entitled “Black Love.” Pierre invited Lourdes (Myriam’s sister) and Nervins (Lourdes’ husband) to the movie theater as well. Pierre and one of his fraternity brothers took snippets from instrumental romantic black films (I.e. Poetic Justice, The Inkwell, The Best Man, Boomerang, Coming to America) to create a romantic short film that described Myriam and Pierre’s relationship. As all the friends and family walked into the movie theater, they were asked to say a few words on camera about Myriam and Pierre’s relationship (which would later be created into a DVD). Myriam and Pierre walked into a pitch black movie theater and sat down in a position where all friends and family would be to their back. At the end of the movie the words “Myriam Clerge would your marry me?” read on the screen. As the lights turned on, Pierre was down on one knee asking Myriam to marry him. In complete shock and without hearing anything Pierre said, Myriam said, “yes”.

Did you incorporate any culture into your wedding? Yes, both Pierre and Myriam are of Haitian descent and requested Haitian music be played at the reception.

Describe your wedding dress: My wedding dress was elegant and modern, almost 1920s fit that complimented the gallery style, v-neck, and sequence

Wedding theme: Modern/Elegance

Favorite item on the menu: Vegetarian Lasagna

Wedding cake flavors: Rum, Amaretto, lemon, almond, and white chocolate ganache

Bridesmaids/Groomsmen gifts: Bridesmaid gifts- red pajama set,red candle, and dvd of bride’s favorite movie. Groomsmen gift- 2 pairs of socks from Sock Cloud, flower lapel from Tie Bar and a picture of characters they remind the groom of or they were known as during their childhood.

First dance song: “Lamou Doudou” by Jacques Sauveur Jean.

Mother/son dance song: “Moso Manman” by Emeline Michel.

Father/daughter dance song: “Unforgettable” by Nate King Cole and Natalie Cole.

What is your best memory from your wedding? For the Bride-Walking down the aisle and seeing my husband wiping away tears. For the Groom- watching my wife walk down the aisle. Best moment for my guests (from what we’ve heard)- the step show by the groom and his fraternity brothers during the reception.

What is the best wedding advice you can give to engaged couples? Get a wedding planner, there are so many minor details that you don’t think of.

Wedding Dress Designer– Lazaro
Wedding Dress Salon– Chic Parisien
Bridesmaid Dresses- Jenny Yoo from Nordstrom and Boca Bridal
Makeup– Mona Cius
Shoes- Badgley Mischka
Ceremony/Reception Location– Gallery of Amazing Things
Wedding Planner- Todd Schneider & Devin MacLachlan at I Do Events
Photography/ Videography– Artistic Vision & Design
Florist– Joan Cherenfant at Tropical Elegance Inc. @tropicaleleganceinc
Cake- Chef Mimi at Lux Cakery
Stationery- Eric at Petite Acorn
Photobooth- Photo Booth for Good, Inc
Transportation– Key Transportation Service

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