Don’t Divorce Your Purpose To Marry Your Fear! – Ferdinard Senyo Lawson

Ferdinard Senyo Lawson

As I walked to drop the children to school this morning, I heard this statement in my statement. “Don’t divorce your purpose in life to marry fear” Wow… this actual made me to think twice about my purpose in life.

Many a time in life, we abandon or divorce our purposes in the face of fear of others feelings and reactions towards us. We live our purpose behind to marry or carry other people’s purpose for their life. If cheating is not permitted in any relationship so to say, why do we cheat on our purpose with other’s purpose?

There is a purpose on each and every one of us and it is about time, we step into that purpose in order to fulfill it. Supporting others to achieve their purpose does not permit you to divorce your purpose in life.

Many a time, we are faced with the challenges of choosing between our purpose and that of those we see as leaders; hence, we give up on our God’s given purpose for our lives to pursue theirs.

Until you discover the main reason why you have been put on this planet or earth to do, you will always be moving through life without fulfilling your purpose.

Living a purposeful life demands that, you remain focus and determined to live the life given to you by God, so as to do something wonderful with your life. Relationship must be based on a purpose and any relationship that prevents or stops you from pursuing your purpose in life is not good for you.

Not everyone is fit for business so therefore, you must be careful with the people you allow into your life in the pursuit of the purpose on your life. I have personally, discovered that, I have within me some enormous and untapped treasures and resources of talent and ability that the world is awaiting to celebrate and until I work hard to chisel it as gold from the mine, it will not be appreciated or even celebrated.

What have you been put on this earth to do? Ask yourself this question so as to discover it before it is too late for you. As Dr. Myles Munroe once said “Empty yourself before you die and you must rob the graveyard of your potentials”

I dare you to die empty and never be buried with your ideas, books, articles, music, etc., because of the reactions and opinions of others around you. You are different and will always remain different. I will encourage you to be honest with yourself to live your purpose. Never allow the slaying of men to trap you to sell yourself beneath your ability to excel.

It takes a great level of courage to pursue one’s purpose in life. Therefore, here are some ways you can help develop COURAGE to pursue your purpose in life.



Developing the right character in the pursuit of your purpose in life is very important. Character is everything. It determines as to whether you become a success or a failure. Having the right character, strengthens and gives you the right momentum to carry out your will freely to overcome setbacks and achieve your dreams or aspiration confidently.


Trouble and difficulties are everywhere. Depending on one’s character, these adversities can help bring the best in them.

The difference between successful and unsuccessful individual is their level of thinking and perception about adversity. Successful people see trouble as an opportunity while unsuccessful people see it as obstruction, hence, limiting their progress in life. In the midst of every challenge, train your mind to see opportunity so that you can push yourself toward accomplishment of your goals


Understanding of oneself, gives you the power to appreciate who and what you are made of. This is why we must always understand the reason for which we are living. When you begin to know and understand your purpose in life, you do things to live accordingly and make impact positively on others. See yourself as an asset to this world and not just another face appearing in the multitude. You are very special and unless you understand this, you will always see yourself as just anything. Understand who you are to enable you understand your purpose in life.


Most successful people are responsible people. They make decisions and then take actions to see it come through. These people believe that, the only they can pursue their purpose in life is to take deliberate actions to have control over things, situations and conditions that may pose as hindrances to them. Take full responsibility of your destiny before it is destroyed by selfish individuals. Never allow your nose into other people’s affairs. Mind your own business.

The main point of responsibility is to be able to be trusted and be reliable to other people. “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.” ~Abraham Lincoln


In the pursuit of purpose, you need to learn to pay attention. You can’t achieve anything great in life if you fail to pay attention to details. You must learn to spend quality time, willpower and mind power to be attentive. Paying attention helps you to be proactive, organized about decision and the steps you take to achieve success. Whatever you do in life learn to pay attention to things and get organized.


Remain grateful about life. Not everyone is like you and nobody is changing to be like you. So remain grateful and appreciate your uniqueness of life. Grateful people are great people.

Begin to look around you and find a reason to be thankful and grateful to the people in your life. In the pursuit of destiny, you will always meet your destiny helpers. Remain grateful and never be too big to express your gratitude to those who have stood or are standing with you. Learn not to allow the challenges of life blind your heart and mind from being grateful.


Never give up in life. In the face of challenges, it is our spirit of endurance that takes us through. When we are faced with everyday problems and challenges, we must not lose focus and zeal to press on. We need to keep our focus on the purpose at which we are here on earth and look to God for strength and energy to press on.

We must allow the promises of God’s word concerning us to be solid on our mind. This gives us security that, we never fail but succeed in life.

Be strong and courageous about the journey of purpose and remember that, your attitude is what defines your success or failure in life.

You were born for greatness and until you step out of the comfort zones of your critics, you can never see that greatness on your life. Remember that, your purpose is what makes you difference from others. Many are crying today not because their marriage partners have left them but, because, they have lost or divorced their purpose to marry their fears.

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