Elements For Destiny Possibilities By Rev Joshua Talena

Text: Mark 9:23, Rev. 21:8, Hebrews 3:17-18, Numbers 14:34

Every man connected to God is connected to destiny possibilities. WELCOME TO AUGUST OUR MONTH OF DESTINY POSSIBILITIES.

God is naturally supernatural; He eats impossibilities like breakfast; “For with God nothing shall be impossible.” (Luke 1:37). EXCEPT it is not God, any man connected to God will continuously experience destiny possibilities. So, connecting to God is connecting to possibilities in God.
To experience destiny possibilities we must adhere to the following (today I will mention one):
(1) FAITH (Mark 9:23)

God does not limit you. The limit you have is not acting in faith. Step out of your cocoon and limitation, only then can you see destiny possibilities.
Unbelief establishes you in destiny impossibilities. UNBELIEF IS SELF RESTRICTION; A KIND OF MENTAL SLAVERY (By this, you settle for anything within your reach).
Unbelief establishes you in the realm of unprecedented impossibilities – it takes the ability to see destiny possibilities. Unbelief is a force that stops possibilities in the life of a man. Unbelief can bring a man down, where he is crafted to be an achiever; it gives a portion with Satan in Hell (Rev. 21:8).
Anytime God catches you in unbelief, He does not forgive you. God can tolerate a fornicator, etc NOT an unbelieving believer.

Read: Hebrews 3:17-18
Unbelief barricades you and makes you not to secure your destiny with God. The children of Israel, the journey of forty (40) days, because of unbelief and doubts, journeyed and went in circles for forty (40) years.
Read: Numbers 14:34 – each day of unbelief, God punishes with one year of punishment.
Read: Numbers 14:37-38 – anyone in unbelief pays with his life. UNBELIEF IS A SIN COMMITTED BY BELIEVERS NOT UNBELIEVERS.
You are not seeing destiny possibilities not because your problem is too big BUT because of unbelief.
Read: Exodus 3:17; 4:30-31

Your freedom is predicated on your belief – I don’t care your burden, once there is a belief, God can bring you out of any condition. Nothing antagonizes a man’s life like unbelief. Your experience in life becomes torturous where unbelief abounds.
THEREFORE, FAITH IS BELIEVING YOUR BELIEF. So from now hence, behave successful, prosperous etc and as you do, YOU BECOME IT IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS!
God bless!

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