Fashion power couple: Nnamdi and Maureen, this stylish partnership show us how to successfully mix work with pleasure

We are forever being told the secret to a happy relationship is different interests; to keep work-life and home-life separate. But this couple have shared profession as well as shared bank account – and it seems to be working rather well.
The start-up was tough but there was talent, resilience and consistency. CN Daniels Couture is a luxury clothing line co-owned by Nnamdi and Maureen Daniels. The brand is self tasked with creating luxurious master pieces to grace the fashion world. They make beautiful pieces of suits, native attires, unique dresses pieces. They major in event dresses. CN Daniels Couture caters to business men, Military personnel, politicians and celebrities.

She, Maureen a celebrity makeup artist turned fashion designer and beholder of the name behind the brand, and he, Nnamdi Daniels the company’s Creative director and with his business-driven mind, Nnamdi has pushed the company to a top global fashion brand. Speaking to the Pleasures Magazine, he said that despite working together, we still love nothing more than just hanging out together. “We respect each other, we enjoy each other’s company and she’s my best friend.” When asked about mixing work and play he made the process seem utterly natural”. They do vibe off each other quite well when it comes to ideas. And they still manage to look mutually besotted every time they’re captured together. If that isn’t an effective partnership then we don’t know what is. How lovely.
Speaking further with Pleasures Magazine, we asked the following questions.

What are the pros and cons of working together? “We know each other so well and we support each other unconditionally. We love the same things. It’s hard to get away from work and hard not to talk work at all times but ultimately we would have it no other way.”
Why did it make sense to design together? “We spend most of our time talking about our ideas and we have collaborated before on some projects in the past, so it made perfect sense to put all our energy together when the opportunity arose.”

What’s the best thing about working with your spouse?“Focusing on and working towards a joint goal. You trust each other implicitly. It also makes business trips a lot more fun!”
For the couple, inspiration comes in various forms. For Daniel, inspiration comes merely from looking at the fabric. For Maureen, her inspiration is innate. Interacting with the client, knowing their personalities and the theme of the event helps her to create unique attires for client’s specific events.

CNL strive to stay at the top and they are driven by the desire not to fail their customers and the aim to make their line a major brand in the next two years and also going global. They believe in patenting designs for originality. CN Daniels Couture fabrics are sourced within and outside the country.
Their advice however to young designers starting out is to be steadfast in their work. “Make sure you stay focused and can handle compromise, or, better, that you understand that compromising to your partner is a sort of upgrade. Don’t get distracted. Build your ground and work on it. Understand that fashion is also satisfying your clients they are your ticket to fame.

CN DANIELS COUTURE is located at no. 8 Njamena Crescent off Aminu Kano Crescent Wuse 2, Abuja, Nigeria
IG: @cndanielscouture , @stylistabymaureen and @jacket_king
WhatsApp and Call: +2347080200062



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