Ferdinard Senyo Lawson: Nurture Your Dream Seed To Grow

A seed , is defined in the concise oxford thesaurus dictionary as ; genesis, source, origin, root, starting point, germ, beginnings, potential (for), cause, reason, motivation, motive, grounds.

We are no doubt aware that seed is what the farmer would need to sow, which when well cared for and protected will in the process of time result into the great bumper harvest, which has the unique potentials of bringing joy, satisfaction, happiness and indeed fulfillment to the farmer. This farmer would have spent his/her time and energy during the process.

To be a great and successful individual, in pursuit of your dream and vision, there is the need to cultivate the seed of greatness in your heart and mind. As you cultivate and nourish the seed (word) in your heart, you can be assured of the success and fruitfulness of the seed in your life. – Luke 8: 11.

Every word of God is a seed, idea and opinion presented to believers, in as much as dreams and visions, being sown in our hearts and minds, hence meditating on the word of God faithfully, engaging in committed prayers and worship, provides the divine key, necessary for the opening of the door of success and fruitfulness in the lives of the children of God.

The word of God builds the faith, confidence, trust, hope and assurance within the individual, empowering the receiver of the word who obeys and wait on the lord to achieve great and powerful things for as the bible teaches us , faith comes when we hear the word spoken into our lives- Romans 10-17 and Galatians 3:25.

Alternatively, not trusting the word through unbelief and doubt denies us of the golden opportunities that otherwise would have been our portion in the name of Jesus. Negative words coming out of our own mouths and that of pronouncements of the enemy may become effective in our lives if we do not remain in faithful prayer under the canopy of God.

The disciples of Jesus could not cast out demons simply because of their own unbelief and doubts. Surely, negative attitudes and words can potentially produce ‘cannot’ attitude in people lives or determines the man or woman you become. Sometimes, it may appear that your dream is being delayed, but developing an attitude of hope in faith, just as the proverbial mustard seed-Matthew 17:20, can make you move mountains.

The word of faith is pregnant with the sense of stability and assurance when we depend on God all things are possible. The word produces desirable and endurable greatness more especially when we meditate on it-Isaiah 55:9. Significantly, it is when the word of God is sown in our hearts and minds that our dreams and purposes are fulfilled.

Having a dream could mean different things to different people. It could mean having an imaginary or vision about something in a sleep. It can also mean having a goal, purpose and a burning desire about on one’s mind to achieve. A dream can also mean something that one wish to achieve in life. In the content of this book, we will be looking at purpose or vision in a form of dream seed.

Each of us has something on our mind to pursue or to achieve regardless of our race, colour, age and level. We have a dream to become something or somebody. Whatever that is, it is a dream seed that is embedded within each and every one of us and we must do everything to nurture that seed to grow.

In view of this, one could ask the question; what is having a purpose means? Well, as I have mentioned earlier, having a dream means different thing everybody. Therefore, to have a purpose, vision or goal actual means to have something on your heart and mind you want to achieve or do with your life. This can be a dream to become a nurse, doctor, chef, author, dancer, boxer, footballer, painter, gardener or a teacher just to add value and make a positive impact or change in the world.

A dream does not have to be big. It can be as small as helping feed a patient, needy, vulnerable or homeless person on the street. Depending on the individual, this can be a big dream. Whatever others think about your dream, it is your responsibility to believe in that dream, purpose, vision and goal.

Just as we are all different in life, our individual purpose or dream also differ. Everything created by God has its own purpose. The purpose of a tree is different from the purpose of car. No one has the same purpose as others.

We are all unique in our dreams and until we learn to appreciate this, we will never live to nurture our specific dreams to grow.

Just as you have your reason for buying or reading this book, others too have their reason for buying this book. Although you both have the same book in your hand, the reason and the purpose may differ. This is because; each person has their own motivation, inspiration, or a reason for reading this book or doing what they do differently.

The purpose of a nurse is different from a driver or teacher. It is very importance to discover the reason and purpose why you do what you do and why you them. It is your responsibility to identify why you are who you are and not another person.

As human being or Christians, it is said that, we are created to show forth the glory of God. We are God’s seed to the world. This is why we must do everything to live to please God with our lives by what we do in life as a doctor, a lawyer, a mechanic, a housewife, a father, a mother, a minister, an accountant, etc.

Nothing we do in life must be taken for granted. Everything must lead to the glory of God. The purpose of light is to bring light in our darkness and the very purpose of water is to quench out thirst. There is a purpose for everything under the universe. No one is useless on this planet earth. We must not be doing the same thing but whatever we do as individual is our main purpose in life and that must be nurtured to bear much fruits or make impact on others.

You see, every farmer has his or her own seed in the hand to sow. This means that, you also have a dream seed in your hand to nurture or

cultivate. You don’t have to compare your seed to others. Your dream seed is unique and special to you and you alone can nurture that seed to grow.

You can never know the seed you have until you learn to discover yourself. Discovering of yourself enables you to dig deep into what you are made of which consist of your personality, values, beliefs and passion. Our individual dreams or purposes give meaning to our existence.

Each and every one of us has a seed in our hand. The seed is our purpose, dream, goals and aspirations. It is our responsibility to sow that seed. A seed that is not sown is that will die in your hand.

Seeds are very important to human life as well as any living organism. Seeds help in the reproduction of newer plants which give us the vegetation we have and enjoy. This means that, without seeds, there wouldn’t be vegetation.

As we can see, seeds are very important to us and without them; there would be shortages of food, medicine and other vegetarian products we consumed. As Human, we have come to depend on plants solely for what they give and provide to strengthen our health, their beauty and smells, as well as their importance in the development of medicines and nutritional needs. Not only human beings relay on seeds for food and medicine, source of fuel; animal husbandry also requires large amounts of seed crops to grow.

Just as there are different seeds to different farmers, we all have different dreams that we need cultivate to bear much fruits to bless our world. When

we fail to understand that, our dreams are the seeds to the world, we will never dare to sow or develop and deploy them to add value to our societies.

You have a seed and that seed is your dream.

Many may try to help you but none can live your life for you. Regardless of how a person may claim to love you, that person cannot live your purpose in this life for you except you.

The world is the platform or stage given to us to perform our respective role. You can’t sit back to allow others to play your role on the stage. When you sit back to allow others to play your roles, many will be asking your existence on the stage (EARTH) in the first place.

Your life has purpose which lies in your talent, gift and abilities. It is your duty to discover that seed in your hand so that, you can cultivate it.

Nature has given you something specific to you in the form of your talent. Whatever it is, never look down or trample on it. This is what God has given you to use to bring glory to him. I have come to settled that, I am born to inspire, motivate, empower, encourage and help transform lives positively so, regardless of the challenges I face on a daily bases, I still find joy and fulfillment in living my purpose. I write books, columns for magazines, website, speak at charitable events, and in churches just to live and fulfill my purpose. What have you been called or born to do? Develop the passion for it. This is how you live a successful and purposeful life.

No one is useless before God. He has purpose for your life. You are alive to fulfill an assignment. No matter what others say about you; you have something to offer this world. This is why your character and attitude are very crucial for the fulfillments of your purpose. Begin to see yourself living that dream. The power of your imagination will help you to live visualize that purpose and propel you to live it the fullest.

What are you here to do? Maybe you are here to support, or help others grow spiritually, mentally or find their niche in life; you must begin to live that dream. Your reward in life lies in your purpose. Live it without the fear of what others think of you. You are the only one designed by God to have and live your purpose. Don’t leave it to anyone else.

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