Finally, President Emmanuel Macron Rewards Senegalese Sibeth Ndiaye

She was in the forefront of the struggle for the conquest of power. Sibeth Ndiaye was at the heart of the election campaign alongside Emmanuel Macron.

But the Senegalese was entitled to the return of the elevator. She has just been rewarded.

The president of the Republic of France did not look for noon to fourteen hours. He appointed the lady to the post of Head of the Press Office of the President.

She is in charge of organizing, as during the presidential election, the communication plan of the presidency. It is up to her to decide, to which media, to grant an interview. She was first head of the press service of Claude Bartolone, the current president of the National Assembly, then in charge of the mission press and communication to the cabinet of Arnaud Montebourg, minister of productive recovery.

“Their first names Are African and they bear the name of their father, who is French ‘of strain’. I emphasize this because we have always considered it important for our children to live in both cultures. “Her husband, Sibeth Ndiaye, a mother and activist, also said that” she could not have lived her commitment and professional life without her support: He always encouraged me to take responsibility and accepted To take care of our little ones. She knows that she is preparing to live five years at a senseless pace at the Elysee,But it does not frighten the one whose name means “She has won all the fights” in Diola language. “I am pragmatic, I want to transform reality in a concrete way and not just dream of a better world. The phrase she hates? “We can not do otherwise”. We would have suspected that.

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