Flexible pay as you earn with Rent Small Small

SmallSmall Technology is a property technology company created to connect people to better living solutions that is seamless and efficient. Through our products, we are providing ease and flexibility, eliminating the hardships that come with renting, buying, listing or staying in a home.

We provide convenience backed by flexibility. Our products, powered by technology, an integral tool of our operations, support our customers to live the best life they envision. We are committed to solving the living challenges peculiar to Nigeria and Africa as a whole.


RentSmallSmall: We have made finding and living in a home easier with our flexible pay as you earn plan. With zero agency, inspection or legal fees; or any hidden charges at all, we provide a convenient and hassle-free living experience.
BuySmallSmall: this caters to real estate investment and ownership for customers both young and old. We have simplified the process of becoming homeowners through our sub-products through which properties are made available at unbeatable market prices.
Buy2let – real estate investment solution providing properties for purchase, vetted tenants and guaranteed rental returns.
Buy2Live – Home ownership for residential purposes provided at unbeatable prices
Buy2Sell – for savvy real estate investors looking to make profit from sale of their purchased properties.
StaySmallSmall: Offering nightly stays in top locations across Lagos.
StayOne – Premium Nightly Stays. Fully furnished exquisite and quality units in top locations across Lagos.
COTEL. – Budget Nightly Stays available from as low as N3,500.

Email: Address: info@smallsmall.com
Tel: 0903 7222 669; 09036339800
Instagram: @smallsmall.tech
Twitter: Smallsmall_tech
LinkedIn: Small Small

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