For their beautiful classy nuptials, Malik and Adama honored their cultural traditions while making unconventional choices that reflected their unique personalities.

The beautiful AdamaIndimi tied the knot to her lover, Malik Ibrahim in Maiduguri and we must say that it was such a beautiful ceremony. The couple celebrated their union with four events starting with the FeroBujiGnata, then the Sa Lalle (henna party), followed by the Kaulu event and finally the Kai Amarya which is the conveyance of the bride to the groom.

Adama, the flamboyant daughter of Maiduguri billionaire, Mohammed Indimi, married tycoon Kogi Prince, Malik Ado-Ibrahim. The lovebirds dated for over year before deciding to get married. The Henan night held in Maiduguri, August 7 while the Nikkai took place the following day.

Islam stretches across a diverse terrain of politics and culture and a common feature of the Islamic religious obligation is marriage. A gathering of such Islamic marriage is replete with beauty in ways which accords the ceremony its respect. It was such observance that played out at the Nikkai (wedding) ceremony of billionaire daughter, AdamaIndimi, and rich Kogi Prince, Malik Ado-Ibrahim, at her father’s palatial home in Maiduguri, Borno state on August 8.

Malik was accompanied to receive his bride by other members of his family. Adama and Prince Malik dated for a little over a year before making the decision to move their relationship to the next level. Photos and videos from the ceremony trended on social media while the ceremony lasted and it was replete with visual spectacle. Another interesting video captured the moment some women were washing the hair of the new bride as they sang in unison. Similarly, some family members and guests present posted photos from the ceremony using the hashtag: #shesaidiado. The bride’s parents have also been documenting and prattling about the bride on their Instagram handles with the hashtag #shesaidado.

Light skinned AdamaIndimi is half Nigerian and half Swiss-Chadian. She’s is a model and runs a travel agency, Kauna Solutions. Her mother is half Swiss and half Chadian. Adama studied at Lynn University Florida, USA.

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