Four relationships that matter most in life – Prince Kofi Amoabeng

In a recent interview, founder of UT Bank, Prince Kofi Amoabeng granted an Accra-based TV station, Viasat1 Ghana, he disclosed four important relationships that matter most in life.

Below is a summary of the four most important relationships in the world according to the UT Bank Boss;

1. Relationship with God

Kofi Amoabeng almost sounded like a clergyman when he spoke to the issue of the relationship with God. He underscored that, “for one to achieve any magnificent feat of success in life, it is important to first understand that God brought us on earth for a purpose.”

Comparing human beings to other natural creatures, he intimated that, “trees and animals serve as of food for man, sun provides us with energy, and clouds give us rain and so on; therefore by extension, man must also identify his reason for being here.”

Even though he disclosed that he seldom goes to church, he maintained that a relationship with a God is the best way of identifying one’s purpose and it is indeed one of the relationships that matter most in life.

2. Relationship with Family

“At the age of 45, I remember I closed from work one day got home, and sat in my sofa very discouraged and frustrated with life,” Amoabeng revealed. “What had happened?” the host asked. “I had lost my entire family. They had packed and left the house because they were angry with me. It was a very difficult moment for me because I realized that I have not been given my family the attention they deserved. Families are a blessing from God and we must all try and cultivate a healthy relationship with our various families,” he explained. I am grateful today, I have been able to turn things around and enjoy a very fruitful relationship with my family.

3. Relationship with Friends

“I started UT Bank with the support of my friends. That is how important friends are to us all. At that time, I did not have enough money, but I had friends who believed in the dream and also had money to assist me. I remember I lost their monies on few occasions but each time, I returned and told them the truth and they believed me and trusted me. We must always build very healthy friendships that are based on trust, respect and forgiveness. We all cannot do without friends in this life,” Amoabeng explained.

4. Relationship with yourself

“You must be able to develop a private relationship with yourself. By this I mean you should have time when you can reason with yourself as to how your life is really going on,” Amoabeng stated. “Before I left the military for instance, I had to debate with myself first.

I had to ask myself, “why I joined the military in the first place?” When I realized my answer was not a reflection of what was going on in the military I decided to leave. The times we all spend alone to make important decisions about life are very crucial and must not be downplayed under any circumstance.

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