Francis Amoako-Atta releases 2017 prophecies

One of the leading men of God in Ghana, Apostle Francis Amoako-Atta has released series of prophecies for the year 2017. One of his prophecies was that the issue of Dumsor and load shedding resurfacing.
He said Nana Addo should be prayerful and takes his health very seriously. Francis Amoako-Atta who head the Accra official town-based Freedom Chapel International also saw a plane crash involving Ghanaians.
The prophecies as obtained exclusively by us read below:

■ During my 3 days fasting and prayers, God said to me, that the first gift he gave to man was a Garden, not a forest, so he is expecting every believer to live a Garden’s life. A Garden’s life is an orderly established environment for productive purpose but a forest is a life of confusion. In a Garden, it is easy to identify a snake or a scorpion which is not the same in the forest, that is why it is easy for a snake to bite anyone in a forest. A bad environment destroys destiny, because he is a God of ‘order and not disorder’. 1 Corinthians 14:33 ‘For God is not a God of disorder.’
Many Charismatic churches and their leaders are living a forest life today, there is no order in their marriages, in their homes and in their churches. Remember when Adam tried to turn God’s garden into a forest, he kicked him out. Many prophets and their churches are going to collapse this year because God is going to disgrace them openly. If you live life casually, you will end up a casualty. Prophets who deceive people, collects their properties, charge money, will face great judgment this year.

Apostle Francis Amoako-Atta

■ I see the issue of Dumsor and load shedding resurfacing, God said that this is one thing that will pull down the incoming government. Therefore the President elect must takes it very seriously, otherwise the masses will give up hope on him and it will be very difficult for him to fulfill his promises. He should make the electricity is first priority.

■ Pres¬ident- elect Nana Addo should be careful so that what happened to Attah Mills will not happen to him. I see serious health issue. He should pray to finish his tenure. He should not joke with his health, and must not listen to what people around him will say, he should constantly be going for medical check-ups.

■ Members of Parliament should commence serious prayer now to forestall their death, because if care is not taking some of them will die this year. It was revealed to me that prior to the last elections, couple of them went the ocultic ways to win their seats and there will be serious consequences if they don’t run back to God.

■ Nana Addo must not tax the church, because some of the unbelievers in his government will advise him to tax the church and this will bring his kingdom down if he yield to their advise.

■ God ask me to warn President-elect Nana Addo to be very careful of some of his appointees because some of them are nursing presidential ambition and they will abandon his policies in pursuit of their personal gains.

■ The God Almighty revealed to me that the outgoing President needs prayers more than anyone else, because some of the people around him had taken his name to different native doctors for one favour or the other. In the vision there were boils all over his body. He needs to get closer to God.

■ I saw Breaking news coming out of Nigeria this year, there is going to be a coup d’état or the president will die.

■ There is going to be a plane crash involving Ghanaians.

■ The opposition NDC party will lose some of their founding fathers this year.

■ The body of Christ will experience unprecedented revival this year. True believers are going to receive spiritual gifts to make impact in the kingdom. Ordinary members will also receive God’s visitation, even more than their pastors. The reason is that, the youths are entering into ocultic, so God is going to revive his church to bring them back to him.

■ If care is not taking, crime and most especially robbery will be on the increase during the incoming administration, and in the name of rule of law, the penetrators will be hiring topmost lawyers to get bails, even the police will be receiving bribes to set them free.

■ Ghanaian must learn to tighten their seat belts, the economy of the country will be very tasking and quite challenging. If care is not taking it will navigate into serious recession. I see strong hardship in terms of the economy. There is no magic in nation’s building , Ghanaians should rather work more harder.

■ The strongest priest of this nation, River Volta has been consulted to frustrate power generation in the country, so we must pray.
The Prophet however admonished that some of these danger can be averted if serious prayers are done.
He also encouraged people to be fervent in prayers and to have strong faith in God saying “with God all things are possible.”

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