From Ibrahim to Abraham, the inspiring story of Rev Abraham Lamptey, Speaks on relationship with Apostle Sam Korankye Ankrah, family and more

Last week at Pleasures Magazine, we speak to Rev Abraham Lamptey – a Gifted Preacher of the gospel, a Teacher,  a Spiritual father  and a Music minister. Rev Abraham is the Founder and Senior Pastor of the Believers House Of Worship, reputed as one of Ghana’s fastest growing churches.

Man of God, welcome and thank you for spending time with us at Pleasures Magazine.
Thank you
Can you start by giving our readers a brief background of yourself, who is Rev Abraham Lamptey, how did you find Him and what led you to Christ?
I was born a Muslim, into the family of Warrant Officer Class One, Alhaji Andrews Odartey from the Ga Asene Joonshe family, and Madam Grace Naa Ami Ayeeba Allotey a baker from the Obutu clan, and I was named Ibrahim Odartey at birth. I was the 7th of 25 children. And for 25 years I recited the Islamic creed, the pain of it all was that apart from my elder sister, Dede, who is now deceased, I never saw any of my maternal siblings because they all died on the very day they fell ill.

I am a product of Adiembra Primary at La, then to Aboome and next to the Apenkwa Presbyterian Primary. I again enrolled at the Chorkor Boys School and finally completed at the Mamprobi Ebenezer School for first cycle education. I continued at the Emit Electronics Institute where I say is the BEST SCHOOL in the whole wide world. I lived with my father at the Takoradi Air Force Station . I had an opportunity to go to Cuba to pursue a four-year course of study, the focused Abraham emerged to major in Music, Choreography and Agriculture (because I had a good voice). I continued my education at the Ghana Institute of Languages in a bid to polish my Spanish. Added to my academic laurels I now speak fluent Spanish, Portuguese, English and some working knowledge of French. I then worked for Peewood Processing Company and then joined the Ghana Prisons band with saxophone as my specialty.

Now Abraham Nii Odartey Lamptey, who shepherds the BELIEVERS HOUSE OF WORSHIP, I am the food God feeds on (Worship), now married to Rev Mrs Gloria Kafui Lamptey and we are blessed with three wonderful children Mavis, Hellen and Elvis and 5 adopted children Sandra, Emmanuel, Derrick, Grace and Gifty. I was to have yet another life when poverty and mishaps began, alcohol and drugs became my best friend. One fine day while standing at the old Achimota Station with a roll of embargo cigarette locked up between my lips and I was so high but not to the level of the most high, a nice red car pulled up and it was none other than the Apostle General, Sam Korankye-Ankrah, General Overseer of then International Bible Worship Centre (IBWC) now Royal House Chapel. “Young man jump into the car and let’s go”, he yelled and as hardcore adventurous Ga boy, I opened the front door and sat and straightaway he drove to IBWC Kokomlemle head office, Apostle General ordered the then director of music to hand me the microphone to lead worship without knowing who I was but I believed God showed him what I couldn’t see. Knowing just a little about Christianity, the Muslim boy led the Christians through a time of worship and by the time I finished people started falling and I just didn’t understand why they were falling. I then converted to join this faith and way of life called Christianity. My stay at the International Bible Worship Centre now Royal House Chapel International, there too I was ushered into the youth choir “voices in worship” as the choir master, and in a relatively short time, developed it into a world-class orchestra.

Rev Abraham Lamptey – Founder, Believers House Of Worship

What is your motto and what drives you?
Love drives me, to see everyone at peace, to put a smile on everyone’s face and to give Christ to everyone.
My Moto is giving meaning to a life, one soul at a time.

Is there a set of values that you live by?
Yes ,my set of value is living happily and peaceably with everyone around you, in humility, remembering who you were before becoming who you are now.

People talk much about the need for mentorship. What is your take on that? And who are your mentors?
I have one mentor, he is Apostle General Sam Korankye Ankrah, he is everything to me. I honor and cherish everything about him. I salute him. He is everything that has happened to me by the grace of Jesus Christ.

What about your wake up time and sleep time? How many hours do you normally sleep and why?
I don’t have a sleep time , but have a wake up time which is 3am, if I refuse to wake up I have a special alert which is my wonderful sweetheart she doesn’t care if I Sept at 3 am she will say Nii, Nii it’s time for devotional and words of encouragement to the church members and all those in contact with Abraham Lamptey.

Would you like to tell us anything about family?
I have a wonderful family, as I stated earlier, I am blessed with three biological children and four adopted children.

Now, to get where you are there is a story, how did it all start? Man of God, did you have any life-changing experiences that put you on the path that led you to what you’re doing today?
Yes I have , I will only share one, that is when I was attacked in Cuba by some Cubans, l learnt they left me bleeding on the street and a man in white came to carry me to the hospital took care of me till I was discharged. I never met him again until a day I shared that testimony, I met him at the other side of the road and till today I have not seen him again

Man of God, what has been the most interesting part of your ministry?
There is always interesting times in ministry these three are the most interesting. When my beautiful wife accepted my proposal, when my father blessed a new chair I bought in his honor, he sat on it and said you are blessed my son and hence forth you are my first born and also when I accepted Christ.

What has been the most distressing part of your ministry?
The distressing part is when you wake up at dawn and prepare your message and making sure everything is ready for God’s work, but above all the distressful part is when congregation does not know it’s one year

What is the Vision of the ministry?
Giving meaning to life one soul at a time.

What are the offices you operates in?
I operate in the office of worship.( Am I a worshiper).

Man of God, according to what we gathered, you were once with Royal house Chapel International, why did you break away, is it about the calling or of the need to have your own church?
I did not break away, I moved on. It was God’s way for me to move on since God’s ways are not our ways. My father Apostle General is happy about that. He is the kind of father who will equip you.

In an act of humility, Rev Lamptey to Apostle Korankye Ankrah

What is your relationship like with Apostle Korankye Ankrah?
Papa I salute you . He is my father. My family and the entire believer’s house of worship love you dearly.

What inform the name of the ministry, Believer House of Worship International?
The name of the ministry came from Mark 16 : 14 that is a house where believers worship God, this is because worship is my choose bodyment.

Where do we see Rev Abraham Lamptey in the next 5 to 10 years?
In the next 5-10 years I will be where God takes me. I don’t want to be the one thinking for God.

They say ‘iron sharpen iron.’ Did you have any remarkable mentors or advisors who boosted you to where you are today, what you believe in and what you are committed to do in your work and life? Share with our readers about it.
I believe in love, humility and selflessness. Rev Emmanuel Aryeetey of blessed memory, he was my counselor and my advisor, Apostle General , my parents and my wife she has been my strongest pillar and my mentor.

Rev Lamptey, what is your take on the current status of leadership, ministry and entrepreneurship in Africa?
To be an entrepreneur you need to have vision, you need to know what you are about and also get someone who has been there and has been successful.

Let’s talk about Rev Abraham Lamptey the man! Give us a bit of your social and family life.
I love volleyball, l have passion for football and also music.

What is the worst experience you have gone through in life and in ministry and what lessons have you drawn from it?
I keep learning all the time, my wife and I were involved in an accident whilst coming from my late mentor’s wake keeping and also when you expect things to work and it doesn’t happen.

What social cause(s) do you support/advocate for?

Women empowerment, youth empowerment, I hate people who turn the Bible upside down.

Man of God, if you weren’t doing what you are doing now, what would be your occupation?
I would be a pilot.

How do you combine your music and pastoral ministries?
They are the same, I preach in music and I music in preaching.

How do you manage ministry and family at the same time? What challenges do you face in this regard?
Involve your family in your ministry. When you involve your family in your ministry you won’t have any problem at all.

Most pastors struggle with financing (start-up capital and working capital). How is your experience, and what advice can you give?
Faithful is he who has called me and he will watch upon his words to perform. He said I will build my church and I believe in that.

How do you network in order to increase your contacts?
Just like you interviewing me and also social media.

Your wife, Pastor Gloria Kaful Lamptey is stunning. How did you meet her and how many years have you been married?
We have been married for 21 years.

Rev Abraham with wife Lady Rev Gloria Lamptey

How has married life been to you?
So wonderful by God’s grace.

What attracted you to your wife, and how did you know she was the one?
Through service, her love for the things of God

What advice can you give to singles as they prepare for marriage?
Never hurry to carry, tarry to carry just be well trained. Marry a man or woman you cannot live without.

What advice can you give to married couples for them to avoid divorce and to enjoy marriage?
My darling you did not marry yourself, you married your opponent. No two couples are the same. Know that you need your opposite to generate the light you need in your journey.

Rev Mrs Gloria Kaful Lamptey

Any advice to pastors who want to pursue their calling?
Know who has called you and walk towards him. Make sure you do it because God says it.

When you are long gone, Man of God, what would you like to be remembered for?
Long gone where, am not dying now.

Any last words to our followers in general?
Jesus is the best, get Jesus and you would have everything. I love you all.

Thank you so much Man of God for taking time off your demanding schedule. We appreciate and value your useful advice.

Believer House of Worship International is located at Coastal Junction Opposite Warehouse, Near Okpoi Gorno Taxi Rank Spintex Road Accra Ghana

Instagram: @Bhwi_official
Twitter: @Bhwi_official

Tel: +233244674347, +233302719718

Rev Abraham Lamptey

Rev Mrs Gloria Kaful Lamptey,- Head of the Virtuous Women Ministry


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