Ghana’s Leading Light Of The Gospel: Meet Apostle Elisha Boadu Of Great Ambition Ministry

  • He Declares War On Satanic Kingdoms, Breaking Family Courses And Demonic Yokes To Rescue Thousands From The Forces Of Darkness
Apostle Elisha Boadu – Founder, Great Ambition Ministry

A biblical verse says: ‘Thus, by their fruits we shall know them.’ By their works, genuine Pastors and Prophets are known. Apostle Boadu is a prophet whose pure and undiluted prophetic and healing ministration has singled out as a genuine man of God. An international minister of the word God, Apostle George carries the raw power of God; he prophesies and it manifests; he prays and the power of God heals and delivers the captives from the pit of hell unto liberty and freedom.

Pastor George Elisha Boadu is a powerful prophetic Minister of God whose ministration of the word of God has been doing great wonders for people all over the world, both among members of his congregation and non-members who go to consult with him for counselling.
HIS CALLING: Apostle George Elisha Boadu was arrested by God into prophetic ministration at the age of 22years.
“I got the revelation of becoming a Pastor when I was twenty-two years old. It was at a church programme put together by one Bishop Owusu Tabili, of blessed memory, which I attended with my mother and grandmother in a village. After the programme, the man of God called me and told me that I will one day become a great man of God in Ghana. That was how and when the journey started.’

From that day on, Apostle George began to fellowship with different Pastors. I went with them to places, far and near, on foot, to preach the word of God and pray for people on roadsides and sometimes in motor parks.
After sometime, George settled with one Pastor Isaac who took him deeper into the work of God. He worked with Pastor Isaac for years before he went solo, preaching to people on roadsides and in motor parks. He also went to places on foot, preaching the word of God and praying for people that listened to his preaching and performing miracles.

“I went to different places on my foot to preach. I preached on roadsides and in motor parks. One day, as I was on my mission, I came into a situation where a little child was attacked by convulsion and it was a dreary situation. The child was dying, and I didn’t know what to do of my own. While I was thinking of what to do to save the child, God ministered an instruction to me. God told me to bless the water pour it on the child. Then I saw somebody hawking ice water nearby and I took one nylon pack of the water, prayed and blessed the water and poured it on the child, just as God has instructed me, and within seconds the child was revived. I was surprised myself at this miracle. But that is how God works. He (God) can use you if you surrender yourself to His will and obey his commandments,’ he said.

Convinced by this incident, that God is indeed ready to use him to manifest His power and wonders to mankind through prophetic ministration, Apostle George intensified his commitment to the ministration of the word of God against all odds. In the cause of doing this, a female trader in one of the markets he used to preach took interest in him and offered him some sort of respite. The woman availed him an opportunity to assist her in selling her wares, jeans materials, from which he would sometimes get some money for feeding. The same woman introduced him to a forest at Achimota where he began to go for camping. The more he went to the forest (mountain) for camping, the more he received divine power to minister and manifest the prophetic powers of God.
‘At some point, whenever I went to the forest to pray, I will see two people that I don’t’ know, neither did I know where they came from, praying with me. Then I became more and more convinced and my faith and power grew stronger. For some reasons, though, unknown to me, I was barred from going to camp in the forest. At that point, I lost all members who had become my followers as well as scattered to different places and could not locate me again. Then I returned to the streets and continued my ministration to the people there and in motor parks,’ he said.
His eviction from his camping forest never deterred him. Instead, it emboldened him and encouraged him the more. In the streets, he began to make new disciples. Some invited him to pray in their shops and God continued to do wonderful things in the life of those who came to listen to his ministration. The sick received their healing, the despaired got hope. Different people came to him with different needs and God gave each one of them answers to their needs.

Apostle Elisha Boadu with his two daughters

‘I was evicted from the forest for a reason I didn’t know. I lost all my disciples that began to fellowship with me. But that did not stop me. I returned and continued to preach in the streets and in motor parks. I made new disciples and God began to perform miracles in their lives. The prophecies and the directions God gave me for them. One of them was oxygen, who works with a Radio station. Oxygen applied for visa to London alongside three boys and denied visa for a very long time. He came to came to me and I told him to present the problem to God and believe that He (God) is capable of doing all things. I began to pray over his problem and one day God gave me a direction to tell him what to do. I gave him the direction exactly as God gave it to me. He did as I told him and in one week’s time, he got a call from British Embassy to go for visas. It sounded like a dream to him, but behold he went there and got the visa without further delay. Another case was that of king prayed for and he got healed. The king though of what he could offer me that will satisfy his conscience and decided to offer me a piece of land for free to build my church. That land is where the house of God is standing today. As a way of giving back to God, Oxygen, on his own part, took me to London who by giving my phone number to people in London who are having one problem or the other. Now people are calling me from all over the United Kingdom for prayers and counselling and as I pray for them, they receive miracles. Even here in Ghana, different people come with different spiritual problems to Great Ambition Ministry, including Nigerians living here in Ghana. And when I prophesy to them with directions and prayer, they receive miracles from God. That is why you see Great Ambition Church growing rapidly in its congregation,’ he said.

Apostle Elisha with wife Mrs Eugenia Boadu

SECRETS OF PROPHETIC POWER: When Apostle George was asked about the secret behind his prophetic power, the power with which he prophesies and the prophesies manifests without fail, prays and people receive wondrous miracles, he says that there are no other secrets than the power given to him by the supreme God through the Holy Spirit.
‘I have no secrets. The power in my prophetic ministration is given to me by the Almighty God through the Holy Spirit. I don’t believe in juju or any other power. I only believe in the power of the Most High God. I submit and surrender completely to God an obey His commandments without an iota of doubt. That is why He (God) is using me to manifest His miraculous power in the life of His children. More importantly I don’t believe in the money first syndrome, like some of my fellow Pastors do. I am doing the work of God, so, I don’t charge the children of God for doing God’s work. But, you see, even though I don’t’ charge money, people always come back to thank God for what He (God) has done in their lives. And, on this promise, I will like to advise my fellow Pastors and Prophets doing the work of God not to give prophesies from their own knowledge because they want to please and entice people to give them money such prophesies don’t come to pass. But any prophecy that comes from God, not the carnal knowledge of man, first, must, come with a direction, and it must manifest because God is not an author of confusion. God always does what he says He will do. So, when Pastors depend on God for direction on prophesy to members of their congregation, their prophesies will always come tom pass and that will make their followers have confidence in them and bring new members to their churches. That is what is happening here at Great Ambition Church. It’s God working. Nothing more,’ he said.

Bishop Clive Mould with Apostle Elisha and wife Eugenia Boadu

ADVICE TO UPCOMING PASTORS: As a piece of advice to budding pastors and prophets. Apostle George admonishes them not to be in a hurry or over ambitious so that they don’t lose track of their calling and their real focus, which is to spread the Gospel of God.
‘My advice to the younger Pastors and Prophets coming up in the vineyard of God is that they should not see the work of God as their own work. It is the work of God, and so they must wait upon the Lord for their upliftment while they do the work. God’s time is the best.

Apostle Elisha Boadu with Bishop Allotey

And God’s blessing does not come by giving false prophesies to entice people. It come by obeying His commandments and doing His work with pure heart and due diligence. So, they should not try to do anything or achieve anything by their own power but wait upon the Lord,’ he said.
THE ROLE OF THE CHURCH ON NATIONAL ECONOMY: On the role of the church on bad economy, Apostle George lamented that Christians are not holding onto their faith in God to put all their trust in Him with their whole hearts. That is why most Christians are suffering and wallowing in lacks and wants even when our God is all sufficient, able and willing to provide all the needs of His children. Because of this, Christians are running to politicians who use them to commit terrible and horrible atrocities for them for peanuts.

It is so sad that even some of my fellow Pastors are now doing the biddings of politicians just because they want to make money from them (the politicians). Funny enough, these politicians they (pastors) run to by preaching their praises for money often criticize and condemn us, pastors and prophets, because we preach against their mischievous and atrocious acts and teach our members the truth about their deeds. That is why we shall continue to suffer bad economy, because Christians who are supposed to stand the light of God against the world have decided to take their stand with the political class. I hereby advise Christians to stand with God, trusting and depending on Him, so that we can hold the political class accountable for their stewardship. That way, they (the politicians) will find it difficult to find people who will carry out their atrocious acts for them. Hence, they will have no option than to do the right thing because it will be the only way they can win the supports of the people,’ he said.

Great Ambition Ministry is located at Odrkor Official Town Accra, Ghana.
Weekly Activities
Sunday: 7:30am – 12 noon
Tuesday: 9:00am – 2:30pm
Thursday: Counseling: 9:00am – 2:30pm
Tel: 0242 734438 , 0275866216





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