As a girl, my father refused to sponsor me to university– Eucharia Anunobi

Eucharia Anunobi

When it comes to the Nigeria movie industry, Nollywood, Eucharia Anunobi needs no introduction as she hit limelight with the movie Glamour Girls way over two decades ago. Perhaps what many do not know are the bold steps she took as a woman to get to the enviable position she now occupies; as well as her exploits in Christiandom as an Apostle of Christ. Be it on screen or in real life and now on the pulpit, screen diva turned preacher, Apostle Eucharia Anunobi looks tough, strong and beautiful; qualities that have played a huge role in what she has become today. Woman’s Own encountered her during a mentoring workshop for youths tagged Faith & Talent Junction and she shared those bold steps that women can learn from and also use to excel. Read on.

Impact of being an Apostle on career?

By the grace of God, I gave my life to Christ on 17th March 1997 at Holyghost Power Ministeries Church, Adeniyi Jones. Apart from born again being a renewal of mind, it’s also an acknowledgement of God as master of your life. It is also the ability to recognise who you are and what you should be. It makes you a colossus. Years ago when I gave my life to Christ, most of my acting colleagues were laughing at me but because I discovered who I am and who I was and still to be because I gave my life to Christ very early, I am a movie legend. This is why I act my roles very well.

Still acting and modeling?

“I was once a beauty queen. For a year they gave me money, a salon was taking care of my hair, fashion houses made my clothes for that year. I’m a fashion model and I’m still modeling in case someone needs me, I dey there full ground. As a matter of fact, I paid my way through university through modeling. My colleagues were laughing at me that my mates are busy doing aristo, seeing governors and going to clubs in VI and Ikeja, you chose going to church. They said something is wrong with me, with all my brilliance, but today, by the grace of God, where I go or sit they can’t.“I have a first degree in English Language, a Masters in Social Work and I’m a Doctor in waiting. I did my Masters in LASU. We began as 78 students, only 48 passed. Out of the 48, only 2 people had the aggregate to qualify for their PhD. And Eucharia Akuwa Anunobi happens to be among the 2. The other one was a lady as well. In everything, I make my boast in Jesus Christ. I went back to school just about 6 years ago so it is not too late for anyone whether male or female to go back to school. There’s need to go back to school and get education even if you are 75 years old.

Reason for success?

Man has nothing to do with God’s promise in your life which means that no man has the power to stop your destiny or talent from bursting out. So if you are a Christian deep in the Lord, hang on to his promise because he never fails. If he has said you will be a great dancer, caterer, preacher, actress, you will end up as such. As long as your vision will impact lives, help the society and glorify God, pursue it. In my case, I come from a privileged home, I’m ajebo. We lived at no 5 Musa Yaradua Victoria Island. In fact we were the last set at Federal School of Arts and Science. I have As in English, Government, Literature etc, at the end, I wanted to go to University and I’m the first born but my father said he had no interest in training the female gender in his family after secondary school. With all his riches and my brilliant result he refused to sponsor me to University except the boys. He abandoned me on the way and that was how at the age of 16, I started fighting for my destiny. This was what made me begin seeking God at a very early stage.“ How did you pull through?“A good friend, Peter Ononiwu who knew me back then said I have the endowment to become a model and that was how I started modeling. I was on so many fashion shows at the time. I was determined to show my father that I am not a mistake of creation, there’s a reason God made me a girl. On my own I said a girl must be somebody. After all, Christ came through a woman and when he resurrected it was a woman that saw Him first. There is a special grace God gave to women and that’s power of intuition. A woman with Christ is a destiny finder and helper. So, by the grace of God I passed Jamb and got into University of Nigeria Nsukka and for the 4 years on campus, I paid my school fees all by myself. I am Eucharia all by myself. There’s a reason why God allowed my father to turn his back on me and my sisters. If I had it all perhaps, I wouldn’t have discovered who I am and wouldn’t have been as successful as I am today


We are amazing creatures but sometimes people are confused about the meaning of talent. This is what defines and distinguishes you. Naturally it is left to you to discover. You don’t need anyone to help you discover your gift. Unfortunately, some people don’t understand who they are or what they should do to become relevant or make money. Sometimes you know your talent but nobody has discovered or acknowledges what you are; but with God on your side, with faith, helpers of destiny will help you nurture that talent. I’ve always looked up to the God who made sure that I come from Mbaise, because at some time I said God, why was I born in Nigeria? But some years back, I discovered that there was a reason that I am a Nigerian. You know there’s too much heat here and I don’t like heat but when I go abroad I love it. By the way that’s the only reason I like it abroad, otherwise I like it here in Nigeria. The reason I was born here is because other places are saturated. This is where there’s space for me. I have never craved to live abroad. I’ve discovered that a lot of people abandoned their lives here and travel abroad only to waste. So discover that thing you love doing and that you do effortlessly, nurture it and see yourself unstoppable.

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