Halima Abubakar under attack over virginity claims

Halima Abubakar

Halima Abubakar ruffled the feathers of her fans last week when she declared that she is a virgin and cannot wait to have kids. The 31-year-old curvy actress made this known on her Instagram page. Some of her fans have been pouring out their minds on her revelation and won’t buy her virginity claims. Halima Abubakar “I just found out you bleached your skin away which is very sad. You were natural before bleaching, now you look like a ghost. Hope you get help because you are sick in the head. May Allah forgive you” retorted one of her fans. Ted Cassanova added: “The good news is that I make beautiful babies!” A certain Olayinka puts it this way: “I remember you once said you don’t want to get married during one of your interviews. I was busy following your words. Now I have chased all the guys away. You can’t wait to have kids again?” Dane’s reaction was more direct: “Stop lying! The day someone who has slept with you comes out, your half-baked career is over. “Craze they worry her, she dated a married guy from UK few years back. I just no wan name the guy cause na my town guy” another fan revealed”. Halima Abubakar in the past has been romantically linked with rapper, Ruggedman.

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