Hey Bride-to-be, Here are 4 Fabulous Reception Dress Ideas You Should See! By Oge Agu

Hello #BNBrides-to-be,

Today I would be sharing my favorite roundups of amazing and definitely stylish reception dress inspiration I have gathered this past week over various social media platforms.

Just like the white wedding outfit, the reception dress is equally as important. Brides take their time to select stunning looks that will ensure that they stay outshining their guests while enjoying their perfect day.

Most brides even choose to wear more than one and even though there are noset rules guiding these choices, we (I mean we the “awon” wedding guests them) always look forward to what each bride would come out in.

So without further ado, here are my drop dead gorgeous outfit inspirations for your special day.

1. Sheer Loving

Oh! How we love sheer and brides that can pull this off effortlessly! To rock a perfect sheer-infused piece, go for the right kind of underwear; nude colored briefs, invisible straps, boob tapes, decolletage bras, you name it. This is literally the one rule that works here.

Sheer is such a go-to as designers always opt to mix this with a bunch of other equally amazing fabrics like tulle, lace etc.

2. Shimmer & Shine!

Remaining the center of attraction at your wedding reception is the other ultimate goal, with the first been enjoying your special day with your hubby, family, and friends.

Glitter and shimmer dresses effortlessly do this thanks to their nature! All you have to do now is just ensure that you keep the rest of the look calm, subtle but stunning!

3. Go Dark!

Absolutely no rule states the colors allowed so go ahead and be different! Try darker shades of fabrics like velvet and look extraordinary!

4. Everything is coming up Rosey!

Florals, bright colors, flowy fabrics make the last part of my list.

They are so girly and so wedding reception perfect as they work to compliment every skin tone and makeup look.

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