Highlights From Miracle Night Service With Bishop Eric Borngreat Aboagye

The Bethlehem area of Tema, Ghana was filled with joy and laughter as the Lord visited them on Friday night, February 17, through the ministry of the man of God, Bishop Eric Borngreat Aboagye, for the Miracle All Night Service held at the Heavens Life Global Church auditorium. Many had the opportunity for the man of God to minister to them in the fullness of the blessings of the Gospel of Christ, and as always, the Lord confirms his words with miracles, signs and wonders.

At about 10:00pm, the much awaited service started with prayers and worship as songs of praise and worship were lifted up to God for His Greatness, Mercies, Love, Goodness, Faithfulness, Kindness, Awesomeness and above all for who He really is. A moment after this was a powerful time of praise led by the Heavens Life Choir. Participants danced their hearts out to stir up the atmosphere where Jesus is revealed as the man of war, putting away all that is not of God!
After the exhilarating moments of praise and worship session, the man of God Bishop Eric Borngreat Aboagye delivered power-packed teachings that infused all attendees with God’s divine energy.

As he taught, the anointing of the Holy Spirit was mightily present to heal and transform lives. In a sweeping move, the power of God went through the auditorium, and miracles began to happen everywhere! Within minutes, the aisles were filled with people who came out to testify of their healing. The greatest miracle was the miracle of salvation, as over a dozen people took advantage of the opportunity to give their hearts to Christ and receive salvation.

The All night prayer service was truly a special meeting ordained by God to teach His children truths from His Word that would enable them live the higher life in Christ. It was a prophetic meeting, which according to many, has rewritten the destiny and transformed the lives of all those who attended

Heavens Life Global Church is located at Bethlehem, behind allied filling station Afariwa, Tema Ghana.
You can also fellowship with us at other centers: Sakumono, near Calvary Temple. Ajei Kojo. Another at near Ashiaman Police Quarters. Accra branch is located near Fraga Oil Lapaz.
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Below are the pictures taken by our Pleasures Magazine photographer 

Bishop Eric Borngreat Aboagye

Mrs Comfort Borngreat Aboagye
Bishop Eric and Mrs Comfort Borngreat Aboagye

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