How Israella Mansu is Taking Ghana’s Organic Beauty Industry to Affordable Heights

Skincare and beauty business is a gold mine. Over the past few years, a small but promising league of women-led natural brands of all sizes have burst onto the beauty scene creating an estimated global market of over $445 billion. It is a much fledgling industry in Ghana and many entrepreneurs are beginning to key into it.

Israella Kafui Mansu, the young Chief Executive of Mansuki Ghana Limited, is one of the leading entrepreneurs who has made a name for herself in the skincare space. She started this business in 2009 and has since moved from making natural skincare and hair products at home to having a standard factory in Accra Ghana.

The entrepreneur makes her skin and hair care products from natural ingredients and offers targeted treatment for various skin concerns.

Israella Kafui Mansu, Chief Executive of Mansuki Ghana Limited

Prior to the establishment of her beauty line, MGL Naturals in 2009, after graduating from the University Of Ghana, she sent numerous job application letters to organisations seeking for job but found no employment. What she did found, however, was that she had a very good idea: skincare products that addressed specific consumer concerns, from dark skin to body spots. So she spent time researching and acquainting herself with the space before bootstrapping and launching MGL Naturals.

Over the past eleven years, the Accra-based company has grown into a profitable venture with branches across Africa, Europe and the US.

Israella is not oblivious of the challenges inherent in the skincare line business. Her goal is to keep up with the rapid innovation of materials and ingredients that go into beauty products, while also keeping an eye on maintaining the utmost safety of her products.

Staying on top of consumer tastes is a constant endeavour for her. She prides herself in the quality of products she delivers and a brand that contributes positively to the environment, to society, and to supporting individual expression.

On the operation of the brand, Israella said “Mansuki Ghana Limited, makers of MGL Naturals products develops and distributes quality skin and care products for women. We sell and distribute worldwide to online and physical stores, supermarkets and spas. The company aims to redefine the meaning of beauty amongst men and women of African descent by making holistic skincare that doesn’t perpetuate the idea that beauty is based on skin color. Instead through its quality skin care products, MGL Naturals aims to empower, build confidence and increase self-love in women of color through its brands, campaigns and seminars.”

Further more she said, At Mansuki Ghana Limited, our work goes beyond selling and focuses on educating women on skincare and wellness. Every client we meet learns a thing or two about her skin, skincare routine. We believe that an educated consumer would make better decisions when deciding what’s right for her skin, and making the right choices on products would help prevent a lot of skin damage we see daily amongst African women.

On the future plans and aspirations for the company?
Global expansion! The mission is for the MGL Naturals brands to become household names in every home of African descent worldwide and of course we are open to investors and partners worldwide. And while that is in effect, Mansuki Ghana Limited will redefine the meaning of ‘beauty’ amongst men and women of colour via skincare and information services.

Contact details:
MGL Naturals Building,
Victory Grove, Community 25,
Tema, Ghana.

Phone number: +233201000254/5
Facebook/Instagram/Twitter: @mglnaturals





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