How Peace Hyde is changing the perception of the voluptuous woman stereotype

In an age where it is easy to put women in the spotlight mainly because of their body, few are standing out for much more.

British-Ghanaian TV personality, Peace Hyde, is one lady striving to break that stereotype.

Not long ago, she was featured on Huffington Post and lauded for her persistent efforts in encouraging her ‘faithbuilder’ family on Instagram to follow their dreams and achieve their fullest potential.

Hyde had spent her early life in the UK before moving to making a mark in the African media space.

But she recalls how her ambition to make a difference in Africa was almost ended in a tragic incident that cost the lives of over 300 people in Ghana.

‘I woke up in the hospital to find out that my fall had resulted in my back being impaled by a car part and I had gotten trapped by some barbed wires when I fell in the flood,’ she said after being among the survivors of a flood in Ghana which caused an explosion at a petrol station.

She was few metres away from that station and narrated her road to recovery. ‘I had to have two blood transfusions and about 13 metal staples and two metal plates on my back.

‘The doctors recommended I stay off my feet for the next three months but two weeks after surgery, I was hosting my talk show against their wishes.’

She added that it was how one chose to deal with setbacks that determines God’s blessings in their lives.

‘Problems will always come our way, but how we choose to deal with them will determine God’s blessings for our lives,’ she said.

Hyde recently launched her second TV show ‘Against The Odds with Peace Hyde’ which celebrates the works of prominent women who are making an impact in Africa.

And according to Huffington Post, ‘Hyde proves that you cannot judge a book by its cover and this book is definitely worth a read.’

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