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Ifunanya and Nazy are getting married soon! The stylish pair had a beautiful shoot at Hard Rock Cafe Lagos.

Nazy is the founder of Sixtus Limited, while the bride is doing her NYSC program.1

The couple had mutual friends from university in Enugu, but met via BBM in 2014. At first, the bride even thought he was a lady because of his name! She dismissed him but gave him a second chance, and it was their first meeting that changed everything…

Enjoy their photo shoot and love story!

~ Photography: Jide Odukoya Photography


Our Love Story
from the Bride, Ifunanya

We had a lot of mutual friends from UNN – University of Nigeria Nsukka, but I had never heard of him actually. And then he added me up on BBM in February 2014. I’m guessing my name came up among his friends and he decided to get to know me.

So we started chatting that day, and I thought I was chatting with a girl because of his name, Nazy. I thought it was short for Chinaza (It’s actually short for Nnazilim). It was even weird for me cos I was getting that chyking vibe from him, so I thought he was a lesbian LOL. But then around 5pm when I just got out of the lab, he called me, and I heard one husky voice, “Hello, this is Nazy”.


So I dismissed him out of anger. I was there wondering, “how did he get my PIN, and my number on top?” So we didn’t talk till April. He asked me where I was spending Easter, and I told him I’ll be in Abuja in my sister’s house.

We met on the 21st of April, Easter Monday 2014 in Gwarimpa at Chicken Republic, I think. He came with his friend, it was cool, we clicked. I got to know that he somehow had an attachment to entertainment. But I didn’t know the extent at that time. I was disappointed though, I didn’t have energy for that kind of limelight life.


Then I got to know how involved he was. It was a typical NO for me. I remember I kept telling him that I am a simple person and I’m probably not the kind of girl he’ll want to be with. I’m an introvert, extremely shy, and I didn’t think it was going to work.

But then we talked a lot, a whole lot. First thing that struck me was how ambitious he is. There was no backing down in anything he set out to do. He is also extremely spontaneous and generous. And we hung out a couple of times. He got to meet my parents, I got to meet some of his family members and his friends too … and it just happened.

A day before my birthday, he put a ring on it. He knows me and exactly what I wanted – it was a very private proposal. He got talking, really emotional that night and the ring came out.













Planner: Nwando’s Signature Events
Photography: Jide Odukoya Photography
Styling: Ifan Ifeanyi Michael
Makeup: Haddasah Beauty
Hair: Hair by Fabulous


Source: BellaNaija

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