Ile-Ife crisis: Ibile group berate police for ‘one-sided’ arrests, calls for ethnic boundaries bill

We are peeved with the media trial of the suspects of the recent communal clash in Ile- Ife because the media trial by Nigeria Police Force look like height of affront and assault to the collective integrity and value of the Yoruba people.
In this vein, as the face of Ibile Peaceful Assembly. I am to awaken the spirit of our front- liners in Yoruba kingdom and also to warn the invaders to sheath their sword and desist from inimical activities that left Ife with heavy casualties in its wake.
All Nigerians need to condemn the communal or address the ugly ethnic clash that started on Tuesday evening on allegation that a Hausa man slapped a Yoruba woman said to be the wife of an uncultured Yoruba man acclaimed to be a leader of the Abuja branch of the Nigerian Union of Road Transport Workers (NURTW), for refusing him to keep his bag in her shop,
Life has no meaning! Mr. Ibile conclusion should not suck because every single Nigerian would soon rush to demand internal autonomy in peaceful revolution manner without the binds of governance decadence, religious or ethnics bullshit.
We won’t beat around the bush here: the provocative scenario fascinated by some bad elements operating creeks in Yoruba land will compel our people to chase them out of those creeks. If they fail to desist from the act of terror and kidnapping going on in some part of Yoruba land.
Ibile Policy has prepared a memo in form of a Bill for our members in State Assembly to sponsor a bill to checkmate ethnics boundaries in the Yoruba nation because the ugly incident everywhere has called for Ethnic Boundaries Bill as it is as essential to our people well-being as water, food, and air.
In whatever relationship, Yoruba people are too accommodating and failed to implement ethnic boundaries law, whereas boundaries are where some relationship end and where another relationship begins. Those who called for the government agencies to deal with this issue are anti-action, pro-introspection; because eventually, all this introspection eats away their very soul.
Why do we have traditional rulers? Where are the likes of Ooni Of Ife and Emir Sabo in Ife? They care-less because the field of the conflicts is not where they are to go home with contract or lobbies for their loyalists for rewards.
In what way can we respond to the media trial engage by Nigeria Police Force? We are not impressed by the explanation, arrest and dehumanizing of those who were paraded at the police can not just go on screen till a competent court in Osun State promulgate them guilty, meaning they are still innocent and they deserve dignity.
Some of those who decide not to see anything of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of Yoruba people with the way they are dishonoring our royal fathers are vegetating fools. It is now left for us to re-affirm our people self-worth.
The government of today should understand that whenever matter like this arise where a visitor decides to ride on the host can surely force the host to retaliate in the deepest act of self-defense on an even grander scale, and that action would define the way the host relate to our visitors.

For the Yoruba nation, our lives have transformed in countless ways because of our practice in setting and honoring the people we host by allowing other ethnics to walk all over us as people. We never stood up for ourselves and our beliefs .
It is time to slash through the incessant deceit of leaders and their theatrical states of torment. I hereby call on all Yoruba youths to prioritize our safety to what other ethnics needed in our environment and stop acting chameleon, as we need to be bold beyond belief, fearless to challenge invaders but not in violence way because the smartest thing for the uncultured Yoruba man is to report the Hausa Man to the police.
it is cleared that some of those self acclaimed Yoruba leaders are passive nihilists with an embodiment of self-pity and self-regret.
I hereby advice all Yoruba people not to join those who have been calling for regional autonomy because they are still the set of people that sell us out for their foster interest and I pledge to lead the calls for internal autonomy.
If we do not set boundaries because of fear of what may be government take or other region are going to think and feel, we are fighting a losing battle.
It is apparent that registering our anger online is a sign of frustration which is clear indicator that the multi-ethnics boundaries are under “threats” despite being accommodative to Fulani herdsmen and Ijaw Boys to cross it freely in the spirit of Federalism .

Ibile Peaceful Assembly
We can not continue harboring a lot of anger and tend to step into rage easily (flipping people off in traffic, yelling bullet and pitch folks at our people, or worse!) this is an indication that Yoruba people have lost touch with our boundaries, Ibile Peaceful Assembly pray that this kind of police media trial will not push Yoruba nation set boundaries.
As the face of Ibile Peaceful Assembly, I am charging the active minds of the masses to the point where the need for peaceful action is desperately felt by all to see why our campaign of peaceful revolt as a metaphor for understanding ourselves in a way that serves the whole Nigeria as a federation.
I so hold and pledge that there is no stopping point, there is no looking back; only the rising possibility of internal autonomy lies ahead not regional autonomy.


Hon Audullah Saheed Mosadoluwa – Founder, Ibile Peaceful Assembly

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