Ile-Ife Crisis: To keep the union, the law of responsibilities should be promulgate – Mr Ibile

Let us commend fellow Nigerians for their complaints , comments and also kudos to those who have chosen to advice government agencies on how to manage the Hausa Fulani /Yoruba ethnics clash and thank all the comrades for their bravery for us everyday.
It is pertinent to state it clearly that there is court of law, but law of responsibilities should be promulgate in this kind of issue because this kind of problems arise when boundaries of responsibility are confused and Mr. Ibile conclusion should not suck.
Ibile Peaceful Assembly will continue to watch with keen interest to understand if truly the self acclaimed spokesperson for Arewa Consultative Forum has been appointed as Nigeria Police Force public relation officer.
Mr. Yerima Shetima of Arewa Youth Consultative Forum attack on Afenifere and other Yoruba group leaders look like a collective attack on whoever choose to speak for the voiceless in Yoruba nation.
The Arewa Youth Consultative Forum led by Yerima should note that, the ethnic conflict in Ile-Ife has crept to the forefront of Nigeria debate for close to a month now which have brought the scenario to a position of prominence, but it is not a new issue altogether, as various instances in Nigeria amply illustrate.

Hon Audullah Saheed Mosadoluwa – President, Ibile Assembly

We either take it or not, polarization between Yoruba and Hausa/Fulani is still the resulting conflict between Hausa Fulani and other ethnics in Nigeria which is not as if they are competing for resources, political and economic power and other goals, but intolerance and hatred that has spawned negative consequences of tremendous proportions which will always lead to genocide and civil war, remain a grim business that no ethnic group should everly negotiate for at all.
The faceless Arewa Youth Consultative Forum should not plunge us into ethnics war with that his statement on reprisal, because it is now apparent that some of those who speak for Hausa/Fulani in Nigeria are just segment of people who have the conviction that they should only protect those who have a common identity and common fate based on issues of origin, kinship, ties, traditions, cultural uniqueness, a shared history and possibly a shared language and whatever happen to other ethnic is less of their concerned.
We expect the leaders of some of these ethnics group to be more concern with the pragmatic ethnics management than with the resolution or removal of these deep -seated ethnic related conflicts.
IBILE Peaceful Assembly will continue working on what is the positive and constructive handling of difference and divergence instead of joining any vegetating fools to call for war, because Ibile revolutionary perspective provides avenue to see how we can bring like minded leaders together and how to use art of contending to mobilize people by stirring the waves of resistance in the hearts of Nigerians against oppressors and not against ethnic coexisting relationship as one federation.
Ibile Peaceful Assembly exploration is phrased around the following question: Are there truly constitutional and political conflict management under President Muhamadu Buhari led APC government which are more likely than others to contain and defuse or attenuate the destabilizing political and social tendencies of ethnic pluralism in ethnically-split Nigeria as a society?
Particularly in post-conflict ones, this government is not working on how to channel ethnic diversity to healthy political cooperation and competition, in short, the Nigeria police force action by arresting only Yoruba would never strengthen ethnics relationship and Arewa Consultative Forum response to the inconsequential protest of Yoruba nation leaders would only weaken the federalism.
We are not begging Nigeria government again on despotic rule, no one is saying the government of today should stop perpetrating the most serious corruption in stealing citizens’ rights to freedom and justice.
At end of the day, I’m just a regular Nigerian. I grew up in a Dig-Dung area called Agege, I hope to continue to make Yoruba nation within Nigeria as a federation proud.
It is time to wake Yoruba nation from slumbering off online noise to move Yorubas away from the ethnics, political conflicts and decimating civil
strife, that does not associate with the political mobilization of Yoruba people at all.
The solution is regional boundaries law, because someone like Shetima Yerima would not have sat comfortably in Oshodi to issue a statement to shut Afenifere from speaking for injustice if there are rules and regulation that guide regional boundaries law in Yoruba nation within Nigeria as a federation.

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