ILHAM.G_NG: Luxury ‘Couture Royale’ Made in Nigeria

ILHAM.G_NG is a dynamic fashion brand that prides itself on its innovative designs and the ability to combine choice fabrics and churn out the most amazing and stylish pieces that flatter and boost the confidence of the wearer is what the brand is known for.

Since 2017, the 20 year old founder Ilham Garba ‘s name has been synonymous with the pinnacle of glamour and haute couture, creating extraordinary, beautiful and timeless designs.
The ethos of the brand lies on creating contemporary elegant dress that portrays an epic essence of fabulousity and signature appearance to a stylish woman.

Quality, sophistication, and versatility is what ILHAM.G_NG offers to the modern woman. The brand is recognised for its occasion wear, which ranges from staple pieces that every woman should have in their wardrobe to trendy work wear and luxurious evening wear.

Reach out on Instagram : @ilham.g_ng

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