I’m Single Because I’ve Not Found a Successful Man Yet…Beverly Naya

Beverly Naya

Nollywood actress, Beverly Naya, has given men what to ponder upon that anyone coming to ask her hand in marriage will have to think twice before walking up to her.

In an interview with Genevieve Magazine, the actress speaking about her choice of man stated that she cannot date or marry a potbelly man and also a man who does not know how to treat woman.

She pointed that all those qualities which she looks out for have been the reasons why she is still single till date.

In her words on her type of man, “I can’t stand potbellies and beyond the physical, someone who doesn’t know how to treat me like a lady. I have a fear of settling down with the wrong guy and I won’t deny it and that’s probably why I haven’t found that ideal guy yet. I know he will come.

“I am very ambitious and I know where I am going so anyone I am going to marry has to be successful in some way so that when we do get married. I am not the one doing everything.”

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