Inimfon Etuk: Making Impact, Nurturing Dreams into Reality

The Founder, She Forum Africa, Ms. Inimfon Etuk is a strategic communications and public relations professional, advocate, speaker, mentor, and trainer, in this interview speaks with PLEASURES Magazine on efforts to rewrite the story of women in Africa.

For every career woman in the 21st century, the desire to make impact in her world has become paramount. However, only a very few of the womenfolk like Inimfon Etuk, who are driving their desires with the requisite competence, strong character traits sustained with integrity, and genuine commitment to helping people to be the best they can be, have been able to put their names on the lips of many, who now look up to them as role models.

Driven by her strong will to succeed and the belief that solutions are always possible, Inimfon Etuk, is an inspirational woman and a good example of the essence of how resilience, tenacity, and innovation play a significant role in a successful career journey.
An inspiring figure, dream nurturer, and goal grabber. Constantly dedicated to cultivating entrepreneurs, Etuk is a proactive individual who can develop and motivate others to achieve targets. Gaining notoriety as a communication expert, she has consistently demonstrated proven sensitivity to the needs of both public and private sector stakeholders.

In her words, “I love nurturing dreams into reality. That is my personal signature. It is what drives me. It is what sparks my interest in whatever I set my mind to do. In my mind, I am an artist who begins a work of art from a blank canvass. I am intrigued and challenged by the twists and turns, the moments of uncertainty, the bold decisions amidst little fears; These fuel the passion to get it right and add that little extra oomph to the expected outcomes. The reward is that sense of fulfillment that comes when things we build from a state of nothingness blossoms into something people see, feel, experience, and appreciate. At the end of the day, it is all about making authentic impact. That’s what I find most soothing about my job. The little “Thank you Ini” that comes from a place of true appreciation for the extra value one brings to the table wherever and whenever it is required”, She Says.

Inimfon Etuk, Founder, She Forum Africa, is a recipient of the Women Economic Forum (WEF) 2019 Global Award for “Iconic Woman Creating a Better World”. A 2015 alumna of the International Visitors Leadership Program (IVLP) of the United States Government, gifted communicator, and facilitator, Ms Etuk’s trademark skill is in helping others nurture good ideas into real opportunities. Her portfolio includes hands-on technical expertise and a unique range of experience in public relations/public communication, journalism, inter-generational diplomacy, gender development, social entrepreneurship, youth leadership, and mentorship, enabling her to design effective stakeholder engagement strategies across the board.

She cut her media teeth at NTA 12, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, Nigeria where she featured as Anchor for the interview segment on “Weekend Train” – a weekend breakfast TV show. While in the University, her extra-curricular activities including a role as Campus Journalist, writing for a campus journal – SEARCHLIGHT Magazine. She was later to re-join the NTA family during her National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) year, serving at NTA 5, Awka, Anambra State. Following her service year, she was absorbed by the local NTA Station and stayed on with the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) – Africa’s Largest TV Network. Her versatility saw her serving in various capacities from Presenter, Reporter, Newscaster, News Editor to Producer, including a beat as Government House Correspondent, Anambra State, Nigeria.
Ms. Etuk has consistently demonstrated proven sensitivity to the needs of both public and private sector stakeholders. She started gaining private sector experience working (part-time and during the holidays) throughout her undergraduate years as an Administrative/Executive Assistant at Intellect Associates – an Architectural Firm. She has served as Client Liaison Executive for Eagleflair Consulting, Lagos; Head of PR & Strategic Communications and later Business Development Manager respectively for MessageWise Ltd, Abuja. Across these platforms, she was directly responsible for leading project implementation teams spanning industries like Government, Health, Tourism, Entertainment, Media, Finance, Oil and Gas, to name a few. An astute team player, her impressive testimonial in the design and management of high-level Stakeholder Engagement programmes for notable Public and Corporate Clients both within and outside Nigeria makes her an invaluable resource addition to any project implementation team. Steeped in diplomacy and versed in socio-political and international affairs, Inimfon met/discussed with HRH Prince Charles of Wales on youth development issues (in Nov 2006) through the British Council Connecting Futures Programme in partnership with Youngstars Foundation. She is the author of Communication – a development handbook published by the British Council/DFID (2006).

She is the Founding CEO/Lead Strategist at Global Narratives Consults – a PR, Training & Strategy Consulting Firm. She is the Founder of Friendraiser Community Initiative – a registered Social Enterprise & Networking Initiative that engages, inspires and motivates women in local communities, with a special focus on ending domestic and all forms of gender-based violence. Passionate and constantly on the hunt for credible and challenging platforms, she also founded and hosts SHE FORUM AFRICA, a pan-Africa Women Development, Leadership, Intergenerational Mentorship & Lifestyle Community aimed at amplifying personal development opportunities for African women and girls through strategic mentoring and life-long learning.

In the development sector, she has over 24 years managed organizational projects of select non-profit groups initiated in partnership with such international organisations as the UNDP, British Council, DFID, USAID and UN Women to implement target development goals. Her passion for constructive cross-generational engagement earned her a coveted youth leadership award in 2003 from the Centre for Democracy and Development (CDD) for “Synergy of Thought and Action”.
In September, 2021, Ms. Inimfon Etuk was named GoodWill Ambassador (Africa) for WANDERSAFE by Jozu for Women, Sydney, Australia. Through this novel initiative, she is pioneering and supporting the roll-out of an in-country first-in-Africa Impact Study, using a focused group deployment of Jozu’s innovative tech solution called ‘WanderSafe” an app-based device that will enhance safety and security for women and girls and ultimately address concerns around the hydra-headed “Shadow Pandemic” of Sexual and Gender-Based Violence.

Professionally, Inimfon works with her team to facilitate positive change by improving individual and corporate images as well as social intelligence skills. She continues to advocate for a future, but more importantly, a present state where every little girl, and indeed every child is able to have a dream and live that dream unhindered. “Otherwise, at what point can we really say there is a convergence of Policies, of laws, of Agreements, of effort, actions, outcomes and reality?”

She said: “We will continue to make information sharing and awareness an integral part of our work, building knowledge and sharpening competence in all that we do, intentionally, sustainably and exponentially. We are tireless in our resolve to remain a learning community that strives to elevate and fortify our women and girls against ignorance and mediocrity. We are tireless in leveraging the power of convening, strategically and with deliberate intentionality”.

MS. INIMFON ETUK Founder, She Forum Africa
Website: Social Media: @InimfonEtuk @SheForumAfrica
Contact: +234(0)8098884760



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