Interview with Bishop Dr. Prince Albert Marfo, Senior Pastor Of Empire of Grace, South Africa

A Gifted Pastor, Teacher, Evangelist, Author and an entrepreneur, Bishop Prince is the Founder and Senior Pastor of the Empire of Grace Church, one of the leading Pentecostal churches in South Africa with thousands of followers worldwide. Pleasures Magazine pried into his rather reclusive persona in an attempt to deconstruct the enigma that he is. Excerpt:

Bishop, welcome and thank you for spending time with us at Pleasures Magazine
Thank you for having me.

Can you start by giving our followers a brief background of yourself and education?
My name is Prince Albert Marfo. I was privileged by God to come into this beautiful world many years ago. I have had the awesome opportunity to lead his church, Empire of Grace. Even though I’m a finance and business development expert, I’ve found the greatest joy in my current calling and assignment. Before answering the call into full-time ministry, I had worked as a Financial Officer at Ghana telecom, now Vodafone. I earned a Ph.D in Theology and had my Hon. Bcom Accounting from Unisa. BSC Banking & Finance from Data –link University College in Ghana. I also hold a Diploma in Business Studies from Institute of Professional Studies now University of Professional Studies – Ghana and Diploma in Information Technology in Boston College – South Africa.

Bishop Dr.Prince Albert Marfo

Ministry is a call, not what you desire. I needed to say that because I did not desire ministry. I was simply a lover of God; I love God and was running after God. I never thought of ministry. I was actually on a vacation in South Africa in 2007 and one thing led to the other, and in the process I was called to lead his people.

Your church is one of the fastest growing churches in the country. What is the mission of the ministry and can you tell us what informed the name of the ministry, Empire of Grace?

There are quite some salient factors that have contributed significantly to the success of this ministry. First of all, is the clarity and pursuit of vision? Empire of Grace Church was borne out of vision not of ambition. It is the pursuit of vision that has brought the church to where it is today. The name itself came as a result of the things I have been through in Ministry which if it had not been for God’s grace, I would have called it quit. It was formerly Covenant Generation Ministries but in 2016 the ministry was tested but grace won the battle.

Number two is divine guidance. While vision is identifying God’s purpose for your life, divine guidance shows the pathway to fulfilling that purpose. Our mission is to bring people into the new covenant made by Christ so they may receive the fulfillment of the promised everlasting inheritance since Christ died to save, deliver and redeem them from the sins committed under the old covenant as written in Hebrews 9:25.
Another important factor is Grace. This ministry believes so much that without God’s grace, embarking on any pursuit is a waste of effort. His grace has been our backbone it uproots mountains and gives birth to all-round breakthrough.

Is there a set of values that you live by?
Yes and that is although I am an ordinary man but I carry Extraordinary Dreams

People talk much about the need for mentorship. What is your take on that? And who are your mentors?
Right I will start by saying that “Heroes are built not born. So mentorship is very important in the growth of every individual born for greatness as mentorship discovers the hidden talents of people. Mind you I am a discovery of man. Mentors are;
My Dreams
Myles Munroe of the blessed memory
My Spiritual father Bishop Dr. Joshua N Simeon
My Self

Aside being a pastor you are an entrepreneur and the CEO of 1st African Prince Consult, what is the organization about?

It’s a business consultancy firm offering IT solution, Accounting service, Business and Investment Consultant.

You are also the President of Pioneers Chamber of Business Association; tell us about it and the aim of the organization?
This organization, Pioneers Chamber was established as a school of thought that promote businesses from the grass root, at the same time strengthening the structures of growth for existing businesses as well as becoming a business association that will serve as a platform and a support base focusing on activating and maintaining the spirit of entrepreneurship in South Africa and Africa.

Bishop Prince, you lead a mega Church, yet you are also a life entrepreneur and speaker! Can you share some tips with your fellow pastors on how to run a church and business successfully?

Like I mentioned earlier, when God’s presence is with you, you are at rest. He said “My presence will go with you and I will give you rest” He leads you beside still water, He refreshes your soul, He keeps you away from anxiety because in the first place He does not lead you into what you want but what He has programmed for your life. Therefore it is a matter of understanding that “time is a software design by God to be used by man and secondly, it’s about setting your priorities right.

Bishop, what is your take on the current status of leadership and entrepreneurship in Africa?

Africa should take the lead right now. It is time for Africa.

Where do we see Bishop Dr. Prince Albert Marfo in the next 5 to 10 years?
Building a legacy that will cause people to remember my past in relation to their future.
By being a platform that will fight oppression and poverty in the nations of our world.

Any advice to pastors who want to pursue their calling?
It is a noble task, learn as much as possible before launching into ministry.

Any last words to our readers in general?
Success is developed through two factors; the internal factor and external factor. The internal factor is the work of your mind. It begins with dreams, motivated by identity, nurtured by purpose inspired by destiny. It is your destiny that gives birth to your dream, when you grow your dreams by talking about it, people identifies you with it (that is why you have earn yourself different provoking names and it all started when you started talking about your dreams) why because it bring the anger in you not fight them but fight through with it. Your identity reveals your purpose in life and when purposed is fulfilled it is called destiny.

From here listen to this” Every individual is a mission and challenge both to himself or herself and to other people, so the provoking names people gives you as a result of you sharing your dreams serves as a challenges as to whether the those dreams is originated by you or copycatted by you. Thank you

How May you be contacted?

Empire Of Grace Church is located at 150 2nd Avenue, Lot 1579, Former Oxford Int. School Ncambedlana, near Rama Bus, Mthatha. Eastern Cape South Africa. Tel: +2778 2506 065

And the company, Pioneers Chamber of Business Association at 28 Madaira Street, Club Link Building Mthatha 5030 Eastern Cape
Tel: +2778 531 4302 .

Thank you so much Man of God for taking time off your demanding schedule. We appreciate and value your useful advice.
Most welcome and God bless you.


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