It’s a Year of SPEED with Apostle Josiah Aubin Jnr

The service continued with an insightful Drama and Choreography delivery from the team at Grace Temple.
Then it was all loud applauds, praises and cheers as footages of prophecies given by the Man of God on the 31st of December of the previous year were shown on screen with news of their fulfillment. This lifted the spirits and expectations of the people and set the tone for the flow of the Prophetic and the delivery of God’s Word on the night.

Apostle Josiah Aubin Jnr

There was a worship filled atmosphere as the whole congregation engaged in intense expression of adoration for God, basking in the sheer Glory of His presence.
The much awaited moment came as the WORDSHIPPER (Apostle Josiah Aubin Jnr) mounted the podium. He preached on the subject SPEED, which was the God given theme for Power Victory Chapel in the year 2017.

The Highlight of his message was the turning of water into wine by The Lord Jesus. He had the entire church on their feet as he expounded the scripture and unearthed the theme of speed in that particular scripture, pointing out how the long process of acquiring wine was sped by the involvement of the miraculous.
The Night was crowned with Prophecies from the Man of God concerning individuals and global events. The people departed feeling blessed and hopeful for the New Year.


I look forward to fellowshipping with the people of God at Power Victory Chapel – Grace Temple this year.
You can visit the church anytime you are in the Agbogba – Ashongmann area, it’s close to the Ahmadiyya Vocational School. PVC Grace Temple can be located easily using Google Map.
Call any of the following numbers for directions: 020 379 2400/ 027 414 0735
Facebook – Apostle Josiah Aubin Jnr
Twitter – @ApostleJosiah
Instagram – josiahaubin





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