“Journey to Forever” – Oluwatosin and Oluwakemisola’s Beautiful Lagos Wedding

There are few better feelings than those associated with moments in life that seem to fit together life a puzzle. Two complimentary elements coming together to form a perfect union. When those puzzle pieces are people and that union a relationship, life becomes one blissful moment after another. For Oluwatosin and Oluwakemisola the “coincidence” of a beach outing in Lekki leisure lake brought them together at just the right moment was nothing short of serendipity, and perhaps even fate…
Read all about Oluwatosin and Oluwakemisola ‘ love story, romantic kitchen style proposal, and wedding experience.

Bride: Adesida Oluwakemisola Funmilayo
Groom: Matuluko Oluwatosin Ezekiel
Occupations: Oluwakemisola – Business Woman, Oluwatosin – Forex Dealer
Wedding Date: 15/04/17
Wedding Location: Egbeda Lagos state, Nigeria.

Tell us how you met: We met at Lekki leisure lake, I was at the beach with my girlfriends to celebrate my best friend’s husband birthday. Since he wasn’t in the country, he told his wife to take herself and her friends out to celebrate in his absence. Oluwatosin was also at the beach with his friends, they offered to sit across our table and we accepted. Few minutes later I offered him some ice cubes which he accepted. Later, he requested to talk to me which I refused initially. But he returned and insisted to talk to me again, and this time around, I accepted. The conversation was wow, right there we were hooked to each other.
Tell us about the proposal : The proposal wasn’t exactly how he wanted it to be but I loved it either way. I was making him dinner, he creeped behind me, went on his knees and said I KNOW YOU’LL MARRY ME, I burst in laughter and said YES.

Wedding Style: Describe your wedding style: My wedding dress is fuchsia pink in colour. I never wear pink, my wedding dress is the first and I love it. It’s sparkly, shining and elegant.

What was shopping like for you: Shopping wasn’t really stressful as I already envisioned the things I wanted, how I wanted to look and the stores to get them from.

Culture: Did you incorporate any culture into your wedding: We did incorporate the Yoruba culture. We had Yoruba traditional attires for our engagement ceremony, included varieties of Yoruba dishes in the meals for the day and engaged the services of Nigerian brands in the planning and preparation of our wedding.
What is the best advice you can give to engaged couples: Patience (a whole lot of it), trust and respect each other.
Couples first dance:
Song: Iyawo mi by Timi Dakolo

Wedding dress designer: Faz Luxury styling – Instagram page: Faz_luxury_styling
Hair: Gwen Dilara hair – Instagram page: gwendilarahair
Make up: Gwendilara makeover – Instagram page: Gwendilarammakeup
Reception location: Havannah suites and conference centre
Wedding planner: Memorable signatures – Instagram page: memorable signature
Cake: Sweet Horizon Cakes: Instagram page: sweet_horizon cakes

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