Kalu Ikeagwu reveals why he married Ijeoma Eze

‘It feels wonderful when you see your better half’

Nollywood star, Kalu Ikeagwu with his heartthrob, Ijeoma Eze

On Saturday, June 26, 2016, Nollywood star, Kalu Ikeagwu walked down the aisle with his heartthrob, Ijeoma Eze. Both the traditional and church wedding took place in Enugu state with families and friends of the couple present.

ENCOMIUM Weekly had a chat with him on how he found love and much more…

Congratulations! How does it feel to be married?

I try not to think of it. I am just hooked together with my soul-mate, my best friend. We are easing it together.

So far, what is the best thing about being married?

Like I said, I prayed to God to give me a wife and He did. We have our differences and when we differ in opinion, I go to God and tell Him He gave her to me, you have to resolve this. Before you know it, the issue would be resolved. Since then, I have kept on connecting to my date with God so that I can enjoy the best from Him.

Has anything changed about you?

No, not really. We both enhance each other. I am a lot richer than I was before. I have to think of what makes her happy first. I am less individualistic now because I have to think of her more.

When are you planning to start up a family?

As God leads, I think it has started already. I have a daughter now, her own daughter is now my daughter and we are getting along very well. Children are loan from God, so, we will live as each day comes and continue to pray to God to bless us with it.

Where are you honey mooning?

My brothers want us to come to the US and the UK. We will go to the two. I know they will spoil us silly.

How does it feel finding love eventually?

It feels wonderful when you see your better half or your missing rib. The most important thing is that I have trusted God that whoever I am going to marry will be a God fearing lady. God has granted my request. I know that eight years from now, I will still see her the same way she is now.

What attracted her to you?

She loves God more than me. She is a good accountant. She is very honest. She tells you things as they are. She is extremely intelligent. We are of like minds and most important, we love each other.

What was her reaction when you told her you are an actor?

That never came to play. In whatever I do, I don’t bring my career into it, even my everyday life. When I came to her, I came as a man and not as an actor.

We were in Port Harcourt together, I told her I wanted roast plantain boli and groundnut and we bought them by the road side. I don’t pretend. I have no airs around me. I am an actor and not a celebrity. I didn’t go to her with the perspective of an actor. I am just myself. She knows.

How long have know each other?

We met last year.

Can you tell us about her?

She is a makeup artist. She is an accountant, makeup artistry is her passion. As an accountant, she is good at handling money. She is the one in charge of our purse.

Where did you meet?

We met on a movie set in Port Harcourt.

How did you propose to her?

I didn’t do it directly. We went to one of my uncle’s place and I held her waist and told my uncle that I have seen the woman I will like to spend the rest of my life with. My uncle asked me if I was serious and I said, yes.

My uncle turned to her and asked if she would like to spend the rest of her life with me and she shyly said ‘yes’ and that was it.


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CHURCH WEDDINGIjeoma-Eze-and-Kalu-Ikeagwu-Wedding_BellaNaija-June-2016_IMG_6751 Ijeoma-Eze-and-Kalu-Ikeagwu-Wedding_BellaNaija-June-2016_IMG_6812 Ijeoma-Eze-and-Kalu-Ikeagwu-Wedding_BellaNaija-June-2016_IMG_6887Ijeoma-Eze-and-Kalu-Ikeagwu-Wedding_BellaNaija-June-2016_IMG_7184Ijeoma-Eze-and-Kalu-Ikeagwu-Wedding_BellaNaija-June-2016_IMG_4781Ijeoma-Eze-and-Kalu-Ikeagwu-Wedding_BellaNaija-June-2016_IMG_7113Ijeoma-Eze-and-Kalu-Ikeagwu-Wedding_BellaNaija-June-2016_IMG_7115Ijeoma-Eze-and-Kalu-Ikeagwu-Wedding_BellaNaija-June-2016_IMG_7601 Ijeoma-Eze-and-Kalu-Ikeagwu-Wedding_BellaNaija-June-2016_IMG_6922 Ijeoma-Eze-and-Kalu-Ikeagwu-Wedding_BellaNaija-June-2016_IMG_7024 Ijeoma-Eze-and-Kalu-Ikeagwu-Wedding_BellaNaija-June-2016_IMG_7089Ijeoma-Eze-and-Kalu-Ikeagwu-Wedding_BellaNaija-June-2016_IMG_6854 Ijeoma-Eze-and-Kalu-Ikeagwu-Wedding_BellaNaija-June-2016_IMG_7096 Ijeoma-Eze-and-Kalu-Ikeagwu-Wedding_BellaNaija-June-2016_IMG_7139 Ijeoma-Eze-and-Kalu-Ikeagwu-Wedding_BellaNaija-June-2016_IMG_7294Ijeoma-Eze-and-Kalu-Ikeagwu-Wedding_BellaNaija-June-2016_IMG_7155Kalu-1-Ijeoma-Eze-and-Kalu-Ikeagwu-Wedding_BellaNaija-June-2016_IMG_7169-650x400 Ijeoma-Eze-and-Kalu-Ikeagwu-Wedding_BellaNaija-June-2016_IMG_7568

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