Kennedy Agyapong has ‘political malaria’ – Ekow Micah

Ekow Micah

Highlife and Reggae artiste, Ekow Micah, has spoken against the political behaviour of Assin North MP and owner of Oman FM, Kennedy Kwame Ohene Agyapong.

Ekow in an interview with Hitz FM’s Prince Tsegah questioned why some politicians do not respect their esteemed personalities.

The angry musician talked strongly against Kennedy’s accusation that the current chairperson of the Electoral Commission of Ghana, Charlotte Ama Osei got appointed as EC boss after having sex with some bigwigs in government.

He further stated that the boss of Kencity Media is suffering from “political malaria”.

“Something is really eating me up and I can never refuse to shut up on this. I’m talking about the way some politicians have chosen not to respect themselves.

Recently, I heard honorable Kennedy Agyapong saying that the EC boss gained her appointment from sex, which means the woman, is a prostitute. This is what this big man is saying and up till date there hasn’t been any proof.

I was going through whatever it is on the internet then I came across another story after saying all these things that he came back to retract his words that he is a joker and that it was a joke.

How can such person make a joke, a whole parliamentarian. Can you listen to what he is saying and can the parliamentarians themselves hear what the man is saying and nothing is being done about it?

To we the citizens you are trying to say all the parliamentarians are jokers because if you are a joke and you are siting over there, then the council is a whole whatever.

With these things that some of the politicians have been doing, insults and unnecessary talks like what Kennedy Agyapong has been saying, this is what I call political malaria.

Kennedy Agyapong is suffering from political malaria” Ekow Micah said.

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