Kylie Jenner Slams Breast Implants Rumours Via Impromptu Q&A Session on Twitter

Kylie Jenner went ‘MIA’ last weekend because she was suffering from food poisoning.

When she came back online, the Reality TV star shared some photos on Snapchat and Instagram where she sort of appeared bustier, some fans wondered if she really went to get breast implants. This led to Kylie participating in an impromptu Q&A session on Twitter about her breasts.Kylie-Jenner

Someone asked “When did you get your breast done”, to which she responded “Um Never”. Someone else then tweeted,”@KylieJenner everyones saying you got your boobs done when you were MIA on snap“. Kylie responded, “Do you want to feel them to validate”.Kylie-Jenner-3 (1)

The fan who started it all said he didn’t necessarily believe what others were saying, but that didn’t stop him from worrying that he offended the reality star. Kylie, however, made him feel better by confessing she was “flirting”.Kylie-Jenner-4 (1)

Other followers, however, praised her busty look. “@KylieJenner girl your boobs look so good today what is your secret help a sister out,” another asked.

“TMI but it’s that time of the month,” she admitted “They will deflate soon, and it will be a sad sad day.”Kylie-Jenner-8Kylie-Jenner-2

She then went on to recommend her favorite bras. “Bomb shell or this one BOMB bra from Victoria secret that I’ve had for 4/5 years that they don’t make anymore”
Kylie-Jenner-5 (1)Kylie-Jenner-7


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