Luštica Bay – An Emerging Treasure

Luštica Bay – the emerging marina town set to become Montenegro’s only greenfield investment project and the largest in South Eastern Europe at 690 hectares – is unveiling a new sustainability strategy. From green construction methods, energy efficient architecture to cooperation with local communities and businesses, Luštica Bay is on a mission to become a model of sustainability steeped in the motto: ‘Life as it Should Be’.

In recent years, the small Mediterranean state of Montenegro has been praised for its wild and unparalleled beauty, and diverse cultural offer, making visitor numbers soar season after season. In 2018, Montenegro experienced a 10.2% rise in tourist arrivals compared to 2017 and based on the latest data from the National Tourism Organization of Montenegro (NTOM), direct and indirect travel and tourism account for about 22% of the total GDP, making tourism the most important service sector in Montenegro.
Moreover, the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC) predicted that Montenegro will receive €10 billion in investment over the next few years, with a projected 36% of GDP coming from the tourism economy alone by 2021. Potential is indeed huge and spending here has been easy since adopting the euro in 2002, which is set against a backdrop of EU accession negotiations, which started thirteen years ago.

With tourism being a key driver of economic growth, and environmental-savvy travellers becoming more and more concerned about the impact that their travels have on the planet, Luštica Bay has undertaken a grand commitment to decrease its environmental footprint and increase the sustainability of the entire development.

Bordered by verdant rolling hills and dipping its toes into crystal-clear Adriatic waters, Luštica Bay, once fully completed, will feature a selection of waterfront residences, townhouses, seven hotels, a vibrant town centre, two world-class marinas, a Gary Player designed golf course and various lifestyle facilities, all set against a stunning mountainous backdrop along the breath-taking stretch of the Adriatic coastline. To represent true Montenegrin living, the coastal town has been carefully designed to preserve and sustain the beauty of its natural environment, whilst reflecting the surrounding historical architecture of this stunning country.
With a luxury five-star hotel – The Chedi Luštica Bay – and a variety of marina front residences and town-centre apartments, Luštica Bay provides peace of mind to environmentally aware holiday-goers, sailors, homebuyers and investors alike thanks to its sustainable approach and vision.

Constantly reinforcing its commitment towards environmental, social and cultural conservation, Luštica Bay has for example established a multitude of in-depth policies, procedures and initiatives:

Less then 10% of the 690-hectare site will be developed, safeguarding the area’s natural beauty and ensuring ample wide-open green spaces. Attention is also given to conserving the marine environment, protecting native flora and fauna and maintaining historical and archaeological sites, plus all plant and trees used are indigenous to the Montenegrin coast and have been organically cultivated.

Luštica Bay works with local neighbourhoods to create a strong community network for environmental initiatives such as community supported agriculture, a local market and efficient recycling systems. The marina promenade supports local businesses with homegrown boutiques and talented Montenegrin designers. Furthermore, the interior of the villas and The Chedi features artwork and designs by local businesses and designers, celebrating the surrounding community and local Montenegrin talent.

A number of methods are in place, working with the natural terrain, to reduce the site’s water usage including extensive use of water saving technologies through techniques such as smart irrigation and low consumption plumbing fixtures. The golf course will use treated water from towns Tivat and Kotor, along with smart irrigation.

Using local materials, referencing traditional architecture and entwining with the natural patterns of the land and sea, buildings harmoniously express the character and cultural heritage of the region. This in turn helps reduce the project’s carbon footprint.

Care for the environment has played a large part in the development of the first 176-slip marina, built sustainably into the seafloor without steel-reinforced concrete. The stone used for its breakwaters were taken from excavations when the build of the 18-hole championship Luštica Bay golf course was taking place. Thanks to the use of safe materials and green-friendly construction, recent environmental assessments results actually show an increase marine life in the area since construction began.

Luštica Bay has been designed and equipped to minimise vehicular traffic, helping to maintain the quiet and clean air in the area. The Chedi Luštica Bay is also home to destination’s first Tesla chargers helping Montenegro make the first steps towards joining the electric car revolution.

Intelligent green construction methods and the latest energy saving technologies have been used throughout development to ensure the buildings slash the current regional energy consumption by a third. Methods include using renewable energy sources such as solar and wind.
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