“Make Africa Great!”, Peace Hyde weighs in on US Presidential Election with a Thought-Provoking Post on her Instagram

Following Donald Trump’s win in the US presidential race, emerging as the 45th president of the USA, TV Personality and Forbes Africa correspondent Peace Hyde who is also the founder of African focused education and entrepreneurship charity, Aim Higher Africa, took to her instagram with an insightful post.

See wrote:

“… W E L C O M E • T R U M P…

As DONALD TRUMP is set to be the 45th PRESIDENT of the United States, I can’t help but reflect on a number of things… If we have the ABILITY to DREAM IT and FIGHT FOR IT, we can ACHIEVE ANY goal we set ourselves, NO MATTER HOW IMPOSSIBLE the ODDS are stacked AGAINST US. I woke up this morning to comical posts and memes of African Americans expressing their thoughts and fears of having to return to the Motherland and jokes about the “Boat ride to Africa is going to be lit!”…but what if – similar Donald Trump – we all WAKE UP to a DREAM to ‘MAKE AFRICA GREAT?’. Could this actually be POSSIBLE? Like the INSURMOUNTABLE odds AGAINST Trump leading up to the final elections, can OUR DREAM and WILL POWER and our RESOLVE to KEEP FIGHTING until the end make us ACTUALLY ACHIEVE that ultimate DREAM and ‘MAKE AFRICA GREAT?’ It is up to ALL AFRICANS, all over the WORLD to STAND UP and FIGHT for OUR CONTINENT and maybe, just maybe, there will no longer be reluctant boat rides back to the continent but rather a continent of INSTITUTIONS, INDUSTRIES, a BOOMING ECONOMY and an ECONOMICALLY EMPOWERED GENERATION that is revered WORLDWIDE. That is the @AimHigherAfrica DREAM!… #OurFocusIsAfrica #OurAimIsGlobal #TogetherWeCan #EducationIsKey #CreatingNewAfrica #IStandWithAimHigherAfrica #45thPresidentOfTheUnitedStates #PresidentTrump #DonaldTrump #USElectionResults2016 #FaithWalking#AimHigherAfrica #PowerInPurpose #WeAreUpToSomething #Follow #Like #PhotoOfTheDay #Thankful #AHAIgnite #Loading #Educate #Empower #Inspire #AHAignite #TheIgniteSeries @aimhigherafrica @aimhigherafrica@aimhigherafrica”

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