Mama Freda launches faith clinic, business commission, prenatal clinic and mercy line

Prophetess Mama Freda, the founder and Senior Pastor of the I Am That I Am Hope & Faith Ministry is a Prophetess of the Lord, a Pastor, a conference speaker, and a renowned Counselor. She is a woman of passion, always caring and showing mercy to people, especially the needy. This passion in her for others created a burden in her heart for people that suffer under the torture and bondage of the devil.

Prophetess Mama Freda – Founder and Senior Pastor of the I Am That I Am Hope & Faith Ministry

A motivator, an astute leader, and a highly principled, erudite preacher of the gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ with a proven track record of success, no doubt, she has her name written in gold through hard work, integrity and selfless service.

Being a woman endowed with spiritual gifts, and filled with the anointing of God for deliverance she is the host of the newly launched “Hour of Prayer”, every Tuesday, a prophetic programme (which comprises faith clinic, business commission, prenatal clinic and mercy line). The programme is a non-denominational outreach where men and women with problems come to pray and by faith their problems are solved through the power and the anointing of god in her life.

Prenatal clinic is a forum for women looking for the fruit of the womb and God has used Prophetess Mama Freda to put laughter in many families.
As a full time minister of the Gospel, Prophetess Mama Freda has a global influence in deliverance ministry and counseling.

She is an inspiration to many who seek God’s counsel, and has a heart for restoring lives and relationships.
No matter what your problems are, we believe the Power of God is available to set you free.
The life and the ministry of this dynamic woman of God has affected many lives. People who were abandoned, rejected, forsaken and have no hope of making it again in life are turned to be people with high reputation in the society with hope for eternity just because of the prophetic words of god from her mouth.

About the Church
I am that I am Hope & Faith Ministry is a vision given to Prophet Mama Freda from God to reach this generation with God’s transforming power. The ministry is accompanied with miracles, signs, wonders and prophecies.
Her preaching and messages communicate life, deliverance, total restoration, prosperity, healing and manifestation of the miraculous.

Venue: Before Nungua Barrier Opposite Regimanuel Estate Gate After Excel Filling Station
Call: +233 (0) 208 196 517 / +233 (0) 279 073 664 / +233 (0) 30 397 0762


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