‘Man U ruined my life’- Footballer Anthony Martial’s 19yr old ex-wife blames club for failed relationship (photos)

5 (1)Manchester United striker Anthony Martial’s ex-wife and mother of his child, Samantha Helena has opened up on her failed relationship with the player after six months of separation.

Anthony Martial, 20, and Samantha Helena,19, the mother of his only child Peyton, both went their separate ways early this year after the Sun UK revealed that the striker cheated on her with X-factor contestant Emily Wademan in Paris.2 (1)

They both unfollowed each other on Instagram and then deleted pictures of each other on their respective social media accounts.

Now in an exclusive interview with the Sun UK on Sunday, Samantha Helena who has previously warned girls on Instagram to stay away from her husband, has now revealed how and why they broke up, blaming Manchester United for their separation.

She said;
‘Everything changed. Footballers in England are like kings. They have so much money and attention it’s like they live in a different world.
He was thrust into the limelight and it all just exploded. Young girls were throwing themselves at him.’6 (1)

He had never looked at another girl before we moved and I’d never once doubted him, so the fact he’d cheated shook me to the core.
‘Anthony told me I was a grandma — that I didn’t like going out and he didn’t love me anymore.’
I was told United was a family club but off the pitch he didn’t get any guidance. Manchester United have ruined my life.
‘Neither of us were prepared for it at all. Everywhere we went people would stop Anthony for pictures and his Instagram followers rocketed to more than two million.’
‘Other big clubs like to offer support to players in managing their social media but we were offered nothing.’
He was getting a dozen pictures a day on Instagram from girls. They sent sexy photos begging him to get in touch.’
‘These girls don’t care about a player’s family or the woman he’s with, they want the designer handbags, shoes and media attention that seeing a footballer brings.’7

‘When the story came out and I knew I had been right.
I asked Anthony about it but he said I was a “crazy bitch” and denied he had done anything to betray me.

Anthony swore to me that he hadn’t touched Emily and he joked the only person he’d ever look at apart from me was Selena Gomez.’
‘Anthony said when he had turned to Van Gaal for advice after the story came out he said, ‘You came with her, you stay with her.’ Anthony didn’t get in trouble for bringing the club into disrepute. He was just told to sort it out.’

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