Mark Zuckerberg Returns to Nigeria to Meet with President Muhammadu Buhari | Photos

The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has returned to Nigeria to meet with President Muhammadu Buhari.

While details of the meeting with the president are not yet known, in one of the photos shared, Zuckerberg was seen showing the President a drone named – Aquila – a solar-powered aircraft that will beam internet connectivity to places that don’t have it.

Zuckerberg also met with the finalists of the first Aso Villa Demo Day (AVDD) 2016, speaking to the start ups about their ideas.

“I am excited to be here. To the participants, I am blown away by what you are doing, I believe in you, Congrats to you all,” Zuckerberg said.

See Photos below:Zuckerberg-Meets-Pres-Buhari5


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