Mcbrown denies wedding photo leakage

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Nana Ama Mcbrown

Actress Nana Ama McBrown has expressed disappointment in her first interview after her much talked about private wedding.

According to the “Tenant” actress, some media platforms do not want to simply respect her decision to keep her wedding private.

Speaking exclusively to, the “Aben Show” host said she is disappointed in some media platforms who posted a picture supposedly from her wedding.

“I am very disappointed in some of the media platforms who published that fake picture and I couldn’t believe that a well-respected media house like Graphic Showbiz was the source and also published it among many others. First of all the picture is not my picture and it was not my wedding”.

The talented screen diva added that “I don’t understand why I have friends in almost every media house and they all have my contacts but they always do stories about me without contacting me. I don’t know why”.

Nana Ama who has successfully managed to keep her wedding pictures away from the media since she got married to long time partner Maxwell Mensah on Friday August 5, 2016, said she would release the photos at her own time so the media and anybody who wants to see should just be a little patient.

“We wanted a private wedding and thank God everything happened according to our plans. I didn’t want any bad pictures from my wedding day published. So anybody who wants to see my wedding pictures should wait when we decide to release it they will definitely see it”.

Asked why she chose a private wedding, Nana said “I know a lot of people love me and would want to come witness my wedding but I can’t afford to invite everybody who wants to come so I decided not to make it public. I know that if I really wanted to do a proper public wedding I would probably have to do it at the stadium but we didn’t want all that”.

She thanked her fans for their support “I want to thank my fans all over the world for supporting me and for understanding and respecting my decision to do a private wedding and I want the media to respect that decision as well. It’s your Empress Bhrimm!”

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