Meet Akunna Nwana-Akano , Africa’s leading hair entrepreneur

Nigeria has moved up the rank in entrepreneurship, thanks to entrepreneurs such as Akunna Nwana-Akano, who believes it is time home-grown successful entrepreneurs began to invest their knowledge, expertise and experience in helping young businesses.
From the humblest of beginnings, Akunna has built her hair business, Kuku’s hair into one of the continent’s fastest growing African hair brand to emerge from a developing nation. She has created job opportunities, and empowered her community and country, whilst presenting a galvanized, dynamic face of African creativity to the global market.

The lawyer turned business leader is a Nigerian-born leading hair and beauty entrepreneur. She started her business, Kuku’s hair in 2009 from the trunk of the car and today, she has gone on to launch series of other businesses. Akunna is the CEO of Kuku’s Group, Founder of Luxury Hair Salon and Spa, the CEO of Kuku’s Hair, Nigeria’s number one luxury human hair retailer, the Nigeria distributor of Schwarzkopf, one of the top salon brands in the world and the Co-Founder of Daryl Teatox, a detox slim tea.

Akunna’s business model gives everyone the opportunity to win: stylists get their business started without having to break the bank, and clients have more choices of high-end extensions to choose from. Somewhere along the way, the natural hair care industry is reinvented.

For Akunna, the business is about committing to providing the best possible luxury hair for the ultimate woman and her customers are aware of the special treatment that is associated with Kukus Hair wig. An unforgettable experience at Kukus Hair Salon and Spa, a well-equipped state-of-the-art facilities and a world class spa.
Giving back, Akunna who is also a chartered tax professional , uses this domain knowledge and networks of contacts to support and guide entrepreneurs, creating significant value for the business.

When she was asked about the module of her business, words like empowerment and sustainable resources dominate the conversation. As she said in a recent interview with PLEASURES MAGAZINE, “In starting the company, I had two main visions in mind, to make money and to create employment because the rate of unemployment in the country now is just so high and pathetic, so these factors motivated me to start this very company”.

The CEO of Kuku’s hair continued by laying emphasis on helping her community, she said “Because of that, our purpose to empower people to live more beautiful lives – sits at the center of everything we do as a company, it compels us to keep the people at our core. This spirit of purpose and empowering those around us led to our purpose-driven business model, which equips the locals with access to the opportunities and resources that enable them to create lasting value for themselves and others. It results in an ability to build stronger, self-sustaining communities and enterprises.”

Akunna Nwana-Akano remains an inspirational role-model and mentor to young entrepreneurs and aspiring beauty business owners across Africa. She has worked closely with Cancer research/support centres such as the Sebeccaly Cancer Research Centre.
In 2019, she was awarded the Xperience Womanity Award for Beauty Enterprise for her contribution to the social and economic development of the Africa continent at the Xperience Womanity Awards and Conference 2019 in Accra, Ghana.

Akunna is also a respected conference speaker and panelist known for sharing entrepreneurial advice at conferences around sub-Saharan Africa. She has a passion for promoting and collaborating with female entrepreneurs and has anchored several schemes supporting young female entrepreneurs.

You can learn more on the company’s website,, as well on Instagram @kukushair and also on Akunna’s personal Instagram @akunna_nwala.

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