Meet The Top 5 Nigerian Male Fashion Influencers Who Have Consistently Stayed on Top of Their Style Game

One of the best things about the thriving Nigerian fashion industry is that men are no longer left behind. From menswear bloggers to designers to stylists, we have seen the Nigerian man step up his fashion game, stylishly perfecting his slayage while sharing these with thousands of engaged followers on various social media platforms.

Here are five fashion influencers who have consistently stayed on top of their style game, getting better at it each time we see them…

Akin Faminu

It’s not common to see a medical doctor in the fashion scene especially in Nigeria. With their long and busy years in the university one would think a medical professional wouldn’t find the time to explore his style but men’s style blogger extraordinaire and Medical Doctor, Akin Faminu has managed to do just that. He has worked with a handful of fashion brands in the country and has been featured in several online platforms including CNN Africa.

Akin is well known for his ability to make a dapper look fun as well as to add an Afrocentric spice to his outfits which keeps his Instagram followers on their toes.

Noble Igwe

No list of Nigerian fashionable men is ever complete without Noble ‘Nobs’ Igwe, the blogger, entrepreneur and style influencer. Noble Igwe, along with his signature beard, has carved a niche for himself in the fashion world and has proven time and time again to be a true nonconformist with the different twists be brings to everyday outfits and his willingness to push the boundaries when it comes to menswear and the stagnant lines that border menswear, especially in a conservative society like Nigeria.

Adebayo Oke-Lawal

My very personal Man Crush Everyday and all round Style Idol, Adebayo Oke-Lawal, also known as The Orange Nerd and owner of the androgynous menswear brand Orange Culture is one stylish man who has been featured on various national and international fashion websites. His style can be described as eclectic, heterogeneous and diverse. His style game is a hundred percent and more often than not, he is dressed in his designs and stays serving creative and breathtaking looks that has his fans taking in deep breaths.

Denola Grey

Ah, Denola! Media presenter, style blogger, fashion consultant and fashion writer all rolled up in one stylish roll. Denola’s style is dapper, preppy, detailed and effortlessly suave. It often flirts with edgy and other times it’s stylishly laid-back. Denola Grey is not afraid to take risks, he adorns pieces by different brands and wears them better than the models who originally walked the runways. He experiments with a variety of looks and details, often pushing the boundary between what’s considered masculine and what’s considered metrosexual.

Jeremiah Ogbodo AKA Swanky Jerry

Award-winning celebrity Stylist and Fashion Influencer Jeremiah Ogbodo aka Swanky Jerry is no stranger to the game of fashion where he has styled almost every major celebrity in the entertainment industry. Jeremiah loves to experiment with eclectic looks and his style can be said to be stylishly luxurious and expensive or simply put, his style is ‘Swanky’.

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