My wife prays for me for one hour every day- Ebuka Obi-Uchendu

EBUKAAWSince Pastor Adeboye spoke of getting a wife who will pray for their husbands for at least an hour, there have been a lot of fights. Some celebrities have aired their views over the matter but we have not seen any of them tell us that their wives were qualified according to the yardstick of praying until now.

Ebuka Obi-Uchendu has revealed today that his wife Cynthia prays for him for an hour each day.

How did it all began? A fan had asked the entertainer “@Ebuka In this economy you’re still snapping glowed up pix and such?” Ebuka had responded‘My wife prays for me for one hour every day. I’m blessed!!!’

The fan responded “@Ebuka Wow…you found one of the 24 women in the whole of Nigeria who can pray for 1 hour non -stop to marry? Respect!”

We are waiting to hear from other men who can proudly tell us that their wives are as good as Cynthia who prays for Ebuka for one hour every day.

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