Next Level Sunday Service With Pastor Jide Ogunsakin

God was glorified as everyone present in NEW KINGDOM CHURCH was lost in the presence of God via the choir medley ministration “ALL THINGS WORKING FOR MY GOOD’’. It was such an amazing service which fully glorified God. God’s servant Pastor Jide Ogunsakin declared the service as a moment to “Take what belongs to you”. He went further to mention that there are two types of believers which are;
Takers and the Receivers. He encouraged the congregation to be takers because even Jesus was a taker during his life time. He explained further that receivers are those who wait for things to be done on their own accord. They are not pushy. Takers are those who are violent in getting things done. “The kingdom of God suffereth violence and only the violent taketh it by force” – Mathew 11:12. He declared to the congregation “whatever you have been waiting for take it now”

Pastor Jide Ogunsakin

Ephesians 1:3
Every physical blessing is subject to spiritual blessings.
Receivers receive by mercy while the takers get by grace; – John 5:1-15
Takers don’t explain. Those who always like to explain are always receivers. It’s not bad to be a receiver but you might wait for eternity.
God has made provisions available for us but we need to be violent to get it. Violent men are men that convert spiritual blessings to physical blessings. – Mathew 11:12.

You can’t be gentle in the physical and be gentle in the spiritual. You must be a violent Christian.People who talk too much are powerless but be afraid of those who are quiet especially when being insulted.
Mathew 9:18-22. Takers are those who take their miracles from that hour.
There are many things believers who suffer not because they are ordained to but because of laxity.
1 Chronicle 4:9-10. Our life has been stagnant because we have refused to take.
Romans 10:12-13, Genesis 25:23-24, Genesis 27:29, Genesis 32:6-7,28, Genesis 33:1-
A lot of believer’s fail because we have too many options outside God and all this is due to spiritual laziness.

“You will fulfill destiny”
“I frustrate every negative word that has being spoken against your life”
“Anyone that bless you from this moment shall be blessed”
“Somebody is taking dominion over all oppression of the devil”
“From today enjoy the fullness of God’s Blessings”
“It is not over for you in Jesus name”
“Your enemies will serve you by the virtue of the level of greatness God will give you”
“Your case is not closed in the Name of Jesus”
“All the generations of your enemies shall bow to you”

In the name of Jesus I take what belongs to me in Christ.

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